Adam Schlesinger

An American singer-songwriter by the name of Adam Schlesinger. As a musician and producer, Adam Schlesinger was a multi-instrumentalist who also produced music for a variety of artists. He died from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19.

What is the Net worth of Adam Schlesinger?

It is believed that Adam Schlesinger has a net worth of around $2 million. Before he died, he earned the most of his fortune through his work. Additionally, this number is determined from his lifetime earnings from music composition, songwriting, and singing for film, television, and theaters.

Singer-songwriter. Adam Schlesinger (Source: NPR)

How old is Adam Schlesinger?

Sadly, Adam Schlesinger passed away on April 1, 2020, at the age of 52 due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic. Her father, Stephen Schlesinger, and mother, Barbara “Bobbi” (Bernahl), are both former public relations executives.

Laurie Rose is Adam’s sister, while Jon Bernthal is Adam’s cousin. The Punisher/Frank Castle in Netflix’s “Daredevil and the Punisher” and Shane Walsh in “The Walking Dead” are two of Jon’s most notable roles. Murray Bernthal, who was born in 1911 and died in 2010, is Adam’s great-grandfather. In Syracuse, New York, Murray was a well-known musician and producer.

While growing up in New York City, Adam Schlesinger attended Montclair High School in New Jersey. William and Mary College awarded him an undergraduate philosophy degree, and he went on to earn his Master of Arts in the same field.

COVID-19 caused death!

At a Poughkeepsie, New York, hospital on April 1, 2020, Adam Schlesinger died as a result of COVID-19 complications. When Adam passed away, he was 52 years old. As of the time of his death, he had been confined to the hospital and on a ventilator for more than one week.

On Wednesday morning, Adam Schlesinger passed away, according to the “Variety”. The day before, Adam’s family issued a statement saying that he was being treated in a New York hospital for the coronavirus that is driving the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Dashboard Confessional member Chris Carrabba confirmed Adam Schlesinger’s death on Twitter. Chris tweeted this:

My closest relationships with him were those of a friend and a mentor. This is a serious matter that requires our full attention. There are many people who are ill and dying. Even though it’s unpleasant, staying indoors will save lives. Keep each other in your thoughts. “God bless you, my dear friend,” I say.

Adam Schlesinger’s death was mourned by acclaimed songwriter Diane Warren. The family is in our thoughts and prayers. “I appreciate the music.” Similar tributes have been made by Nicole Atkins (singer-songwriter) and others.

Adam Schlesinger’s death devastated my heart. The first time we collaborated on a song, we went on a tour with Fountains of Wayne together. He was a wonderful person and a superb artist. His family and bandmates are in my thoughts and prayers.”

Who is Adam Schlesinger married to?

It was on January 30, 1999, that Adam Schlesinger married Katherine Michel. Katherine is a Yale-educated graphic designer. WXOU Radio Bar is where the lovers first met in 1996. While Chris Collingwood was the co-founder of “Fountains of Wayne,” Adam Schlesinger used to go to this bar with him.

Sadly, the couple split up in 2013 and no longer live together. They are the parents of two girls. Sadie and Claire are the names of the two girls. It’s not just Alexis Morley who is mourning the loss of a loved one.

Career line of Adam Schlesinger:

An accomplished singer-songwriter and musician, Adam Schlesinger was also a producer and musician. Three Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award and the ASCAP Pop Music Award were among Adam’s other honors. In addition, he received nominations for the Academy, Tony, and Golden Globe Awards for his work in film and television. Besides Fountains of Wayne, Ivy, and Tinted Windows, Adam was also a founder member of the bands. He was also an integral part of the synth-pop duet “Fever High,” based in Brooklyn, New York.

In addition, Adam Schlesinger wrote Master of the Seas for Ice Age: Continental Drift, which was nominated for an Academy Award. Jennifer Lopez, Peter Dinklage, and a slew of other artists have all performed this song. The song “That Thing You Do” was written and co-produced by him as well. As a member of Music and Lyrics, Adam wrote and produced three songs. His music has also been used in films including Shallow Hal, Robots and There’s Something About Mary, as well as in Josie & the Pussycats, Scary Movie, Fever Pitch and The Manchurian Candidate, Orange County and Two Weeks Notice.

Cry-songs Executive producer David Javerbaum co-wrote with Adam Schlesinger on Baby’s. Musical adaption of John Waters’ film of the same name. California’s La Jolla Playhouse staged the first showing of this version of the play. It was in November of that year. Previews for the Broadway run began on March 15 and officially opened on April 24, 2008 at Marquis Theatre.

It was also co-written by Adam Schlesinger and Javerbaum for Javerbaum’s play An Act of God’s finale I Have Faith in You. This play made its Broadway debut on May 28th, 2015. Chris Fitzgerald and Tim Kazurinsky performed on this tune. He also collaborated with Sarah Silverman on the musical The Bedwetter. The film is based on the book by the same name by the author. The musical’s previews will begin on May 9, 2020, according to the show’s producers. The opening night was scheduled for Wednesday, June 10, 2020, at the Atlantic’s Linda Gross Theater.

In addition, Javerbaum and Adam Schlesinger worked on the opening song of the Tony Awards in 2011. “It’s Not Just for Gays Anymore” was the title of the post. Their work on the opening and closing songs for the 2012 Tony Awards, What If Life Were More Like Theater and If I Had Time, is a good example of this. Neil Patrick Harris performed all of Adam & Javerbaum’s tracks.

In addition to TV Is a Vast Wonderland, they wrote a number of other works. During the opening of the 2011 Emmy Awards, Jane Lynch sung this song. The Number in the Middle of the Show, a song performed by Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Silverman, and Nathan Fillion at the 2013 Emmy Awards, was also written by the two. I Love You, America, The Maya Rudolph Show, A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!, TUFF Puppy, Good Luck Charlie, Kathy, Crank Yankers, Wedding Band, Bubble Guppies and Sesame Street are just some of his television composing credits.

Also, he has written songs and theme music for other shows, such as Night of Too Many Stars on Comedy Central, Robert Smigel’s cartoon cartoons for Saturday Night Live, the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade with Neil Patrick Harris, American Dreams, The Man Show, Too Late with Adam Carolla, The Dana Carvey Show, John Leguizamo’s House of Buggin’, My Kind of Town and others. Adam also contributed music to shows including Big Time Rush, Howard Stern’s Show, and Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital.

Aside from his work on the Tony Awards, he has also composed music for the Emmy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Comedy awards shows. Other television shows he has worked on include Scrubs, The Hills, Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, Felicity, Roswell, and more.

The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend scripted comedy also had him as executive music producer and songwriter. There are a wide selection of artists that Adam Schlesinger has worked on albums with, including The Monkees, Fever High and Dashboard Confessional. He has also worked with Verve Pipe, Robert Plant and America. Fastball and They Might Be Giants are two other artists that he has worked with.

Another five “Fountains of Wayne” and six “Ivy” albums are produced or co-produced by him. Additionally, Adam Schlesinger was a member of the James Iha, Taylor Hanson, and Bun E. Carlos side project band “Tinted Windows,” with whom he recorded and toured in 2009 and 2010. The 2012 CD, Look to the Sky, features Adam’s work as well as Iha’s. Fever High was also composed and produced by him. This is a synth-pop duo based in Brooklyn, New York.

Awards and Nominations of Adam Schlesinger:

Several prizes have been given to Adam Schlesinger, including several of his own. Oscar, Golden Globe, Tony Award, Grammy Award and Emmy Award nominations. This year, Adam was awarded an Emmy for his work on Antidepressants Are Not a Big Deal. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the source material for this song.

Adam has also been nominated for three Emmy Awards. A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All! awarded him a Grammy in 2009! For That Thing You Do!, a musical-comedy film directed by Tom Hanks, Adam received an Oscar nomination in 1997 for penning the theme song.

Facts of Adam Schlesinger

Full Name: Adam Schlesinger
Age: 53 years
Birthday: 31 Oct
Birthplace: New York City
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Scorpio
Net Worth: $2 million
Death Date: April 1, 2020
Profession: Singer-songwriter
Sibling: Laurie Rose