Adrian Peterson blasts Damar Hamlin’s “disrespectful” Jesus jacket in Super Bowl 2023.

After Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills donned a contentious Jesus jacket to the Super Bowl on Sunday, one of the greatest running backs in NFL history ripped into the safety.

Adrian Peterson chastised Hamlin, 24, for wearing a jacket with a crucifix and modified Jesus heads while seated near to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Donna Kelce.

Adria Peterson’s Jacket, Image Via: Instagram

“You ought to praise God, son! This is sacrilege!” Adrian Peterson made a social media post. “We are all fallible, but come on dude! This offends me greatly! #thankful #Goddid”

Hamlin wore the $3,150 Takashi Murakami “Travis Jesus” jacket to help recognize the first responders who assisted in saving his life when he fell on Jan. 2.

The varsity-style jacket features two distorted images of Jesus, a crucifix on the back, and the phrase “Without End or Beginning There Is No Day or Night.”

Adrian Peterson did not like the jacket, but a different illustrious running back disagreed with the three-time rushing champion.

“You ought to DM him, dude.

He’ll certainly consider what you have to say. No one is aided by posting that, “Fred Taylor, a former Pro Bowler, responded to Adrian Peterson’s tweet.

“He’s young, and young people often don’t consider what they’re wearing before they do, much as others who wear skulls and other non-Christian symbols. Reach out to him.”

Adrian Peterson doubled down in response to Taylor.

“However, this was unique! I am aware that sometimes people, whether young and elderly, do not think. But with everything going on around him! This isn’t one of those instances where a young man is acting without thinking, “He responded in writing.