Amer Rainbird – Celebrity Daughter | Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Ethnicity, Career

Quick Facts of Amer Rainbird

Profession Celebrity child
Full Name Amer Rainbird
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Father Jeremy Rainbird
Mother Sharon Horgan
Marital Status Single
Relationship History No
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Brown

Amer Rainbird is a child of celebrities. She rose to popularity as a result of her stunningly famous mother, British actress Sharon Horgan.

How much is the Net Worth of Jeremy and Sharon’s Younger Child, Amir Rainbird?

Amer Rainbird is a kid star who is too young to have a net worth or career. She is holding off on doing something she wants to do till she is older. Also, she is currently in her mother’s care.

She does, however, have a contented and opulent life with her well-known actress mother. She is not concerned about money issues or any other kind. Despite the divorce of her parents, her mother has provided for all of her needs.

Amer Rainbird
Amer Rainbird Net worth 2023 Via

How much is the Net worth of Jeremy Rainbird?

Jeremy Rainbird is a prosperous businessman who has achieved success in his endeavors. He also has a sizable revenue stream from his company. In addition, his excellent works have contributed to his $2 million net worth.

At the age of fifteen, Rainbird started working for Addiction Worldwide, his first employer. He was the CEO of an advertising agency for the first few years of his career. In addition, his business has a large clientele.

But in 2003, Sadhbh’s father sold his advertising company. After some time, he established the award-winning production company Merman with his then-wife. Three BAFTA nominations have been garnered by the company.

The duo worked together on studios and imaginative community projects for five years. Jeremy’s passion for working at the intersection of media, entertainment, and real estate led him to co-found The Creative District Improvement Company.

The business is spearheading the effort to bring back the national film and television studio industry. It’s highly probable that Amer’s father is well-known for his work as executive producer on six Glued TV miniseries episodes.

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How much is the Net Worth of Sharon Horgan?

Sharon Horgan is a successful and gifted woman. She makes money from her many talents, which include acting and writing. She has amassed a substantial fortune, with a $5 million net worth.

Horgan earned a BA in English and American Studies from Brunel University. Regarding her career, she started out as a writer for the BBC under Dennis Kelly. In 2001, they gained recognition for their performance and sketch writing.

For her performance in “Rob Brydon,” Sharon took up the British Comedy Award for Best Female Newcomer. At the time, she was also a screenwriter for the Angelos. In the television series Psychobitches, she had a number of roles.

In 2014, Sadhbh’s mother established the independent production company Horgan. Since 2015, she has portrayed the main character in “Catastrophe,” a sitcom that she co-created with Rob Delaney. Both of them received nominations for the Best Writer: Comedy BAFTA television award.

Amer Rainbird | Early Life, Family, Ethnicity, and Education

Amer was born in the United States in 2008. She was brought into the world by the parents of Jeremy and Sharon. She also has a comfortable and opulent life as a celebrity child with her famous parents. The daughter of Sharon is an American citizen. She also has Sadhbh Rainbird, her one and only lovely and devoted sister.

Her great-grandfather was the well-known American businessman George Rainbird. Sadhbh’s great-grandfather was employed in the publishing and advertising industries. Regarding her schooling, her parents have not shared any information. Additionally, the actress may choose to homeschool her kids.

Amer’s Parents (Sharon Horgan And Jeremy Rainbird) Married Life Timeline

Amer Rainbird’s mother, Organ, was long-term friends with her former husband, Jeremy Rainbird. On October 16, 2005, the charming couple tied the knot at the Chelsea Register Office in London.

The couple had a six-month-old daughter when they got married, a year after they first met. At the age of 34, Sharon was married to her husband, and the couple became pregnant in just six months of dating.

Jeremy Rainbirds and Sharon Horgan pose for a beautiful photo while having their attendance in a random entertaining event
Jeremy Rainbirds and Sharon Horgan pose for a beautiful photo while having their attendance in a random entertaining event. Photo Source: The Times

The actress said in January 2007 that the incident had such a significant effect on her life that she felt compelled to resolve everything. Throughout the talk, Jeremy’s ex-wife insisted that they were the perfect match for one another.

The charming couple was overjoyed to have discovered one another. Jeremy will never find someone better for her, Sadhbh’s mother claims, and she knows he will. Their relationship was positive.

The endearing couple lived together in Victoria Park, Hackney, London, and had two children later in marriage, including Amer, their younger daughter. Even though everything had not gone according to plan, their marriage would endure forever.

Amer Rainbird | Rainbird’s Mom Split From Her Father

Mrs. Rainbird claimed that when the actress discovered they were no longer together, she and her businessman husband got a friendly divorce. He praised Horgan in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Sharon’s former spouse expressed gratitude to her for taking inspiration from life and said they will always be amazing friends. But in January 2022, their divorce decree said that their divorce will happen within three to four months.

Sharon Horgan poses for a beautiful model photo while having her job of modeling in the fighting ring.
Sharon Horgan poses for a beautiful model photo while having her job of modeling in the fighting ring. Photo Source: Instagram @Sharonhorgan

The former couple declared they would share parental responsibilities for their two kids. The actress added that the family treasured their time together and expressed gratitude for their loyal pals.

The two former partners in Life are now business partners, with Jeremy serving as a managing partner in Sharon’s Merman production company. Since then, the production industry has created a number of popular shows.

The Relationship of Co-Parenting Couple

Amer Rainbird’s mother co-parented her children with Rainbird after their divorce, concentrating on her career. The fact that they can share their children and have a semi-separated relationship pleases them both.

Sharon told the Telegraph that she needs to plan ahead for her divorce and become more organized. She is a businesswoman who continues to manage a partnership with her former spouse. They were quite close.

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