Amit Raizada – Miami Venture Capitalist, Husband of Jackie Marin Raizada | Net Worth, Age, Bio, Wiki, Career, Family, Nationality, Ethnicity, Partner, Photos And Facts

Amit Raizada is a Miami resident and CEO of venture capital firm Spectrum Business Ventures, he has achieved great success over the past 20 years, investing in a wide range of businesses, real estate, and other ventures. Recently making headlines for selling a Miami house to the founder of club E11VEN.

Amit Raizada’s Biographu, Wiki and Latest Facts 

Full Name:   Amit Raizada
Gender: Male
Religion – Hindu

Occupation – CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures, Inc.
Birthday – 6/11/76

Birthplace – New Delhi

Height – 5’ 9”

Birthplace Country – India

Nationality – American

Current City – Miami, Florida

Ethnicity- Indian

Education: Michigan State University

Zodiac Sign – Gemini

Net Worth –  Estimated 1 Billion +

How wealthy is American Entrepreneur Amit Raizada? | Net Worth and Earnings

Amit Raizada, founder of Spectrum Business Ventures, Inc., started out in the telecom space growing a division of retail stores for Sprint Mobile and showcases exactly how the “American Dream” is built with hard work and determination. As the son of Indian immigrants, who relocated from New Delhi to Michigan when Amit was only 2 years old. His immigrant parents worked relentlessly and promoted the importance of education and hard work. 

Career and Professional Life of Entrepreneur Amit Raizada:

After selling his growing wireless business to Nextel he looked onto his next stage of professional growth. In 2002, Amit started SBV short for Spectrum Business Ventures and brought in partners and affiliates to grow an impressive portfolio of investments, operating companies, and real estate ventures which includes numerous property deals in Miami, Florida where he currently resides. 21 years after selling to Nextel he’s enjoyed success in numerous fields such as biomedical startups, space industry, food and beverage, as well as entertainment.

Relationship Status – Wife Jackie Marin

Raizada’s got married in Southern California in November 2022, Amit Raizada married actress Jackie Marin, a budding actress and reality TV star known for her role in “Tequila Sisters.” Raizada’s wife, who most people identify as the former fiancé of motorcycle racer Nicky Haden, has brought a new perspective to Raizada’s life and to his priorities. While Spectrum Business Ventures and Amit’s businesses will always play an important role and will shape Raizada’s future, inward reflection and personal fulfillment also matter.

Amit Raizada Net Worth | Jackie Marin Raizada Net worth

Jackie Marin, former fiancé of Nicky Hayden, is an actress, tv star and musician. She is the daughter of Bill Marin, a successful business mogul in the tequila industry.  Marin is best known for her role in the television reality series “Tequila Sisters,” which followed the wealthy Latinas’ coming of age in the elite communities of Southern California. Marin’s current net worth is unknown, but is estimated to be millions of dollars.  

Marin is believed to have recently improved her net worth by marrying venture capitalist Anit Raizada.  Raizada, a Miami resident and CEO of venture capital firm Spectrum Business Ventures, has achieved great success over the past 20 years, investing in a wide range of businesses, real estate, and other ventures.  Some of the business deals in which Raizada is involved include the sale of a $16 million home to E11even owner Mark Roberts, the development and anticipated sale of a $21 million home in the finishing touches of construction on Rivo Alto, the sale of a $14 million home in Newport Beach, California.  Raizada is currently involved in many other business ventures around the world.

Raizada’s net worth is also estimated to be 1 Billion+.  Together, there can be no doubt that Amit and Jackie Raizada are a formidable power couple.

Social Media Accounts of Amit Raizada

Raizada does not use social media or Reddit. We can’t find his Instagram account, however we can find a number of fan-based accounts on Reddit and IMDB Profiles for Jackie Marin Raizada.