Andre Tricoteux

Quick Facts

Andre Tricoteux is a stuntman and actor from Canada. He is best known for his roles in Deadpool as Colossus, Warcraft as Orc War Captain, and The Flash as Savitar. The majority of his profession include conducting stunts and serving as a stunt double for various films. As a result, his stunt work has appeared in films and television shows such as Once Upon a Time, Seventh Son, and See No Evil 2.

What is the net worth of Andre Tricoteux?

Andre Tricoteux ‘s net worth has been estimated to be around $2 million by several media sites, despite the fact that it is not made public. He makes a living as a spectacular stuntman and stunt double in several television series and films.

Andre Tricoteux
Andre Tricoteux during his wrestling era

Early Life and Nationality

Andre Tricoteux is a Canadian actor who was born in Yellow Knife in 1961. However, his date and month are not yet online. In one of the interviews, he revealed his age, but not his birthday or month of birth. In addition, as of 2022, he will be 60 years old. Canadian is Andre’s nationality. His religion, though, is Christian. He has also withheld information about his family and parents for the time being.

Where did Tricoteux Receive his Education?

In Yellowknife, Andre Tricoteux attended his local school. He also attended the University of Yellowknife in Yellowknife, Canada, where he completed his study. He went on to pursue his dream career of being an actor in the film industry shortly after completing his studies. Also, He was able to function as a stunt double for various actors because to his good physic and risky playing talents.

How did Andre Tricoteux Begin his Career?

Andre Tricoteux, like any other star, rose to prominence via his dedication and morals. Issac in the television film “To the Mat” was one of his first roles in the film industry. After that, he played Bigfoot in “Health Nutz” and Alvin “the Hammer” Hammerstorm in “Arctic Air.” His subsequent parts were quite straightforward, as he appeared in films and television programs as thugs, bouncers, and other odd filler characters.

Andre Tricoteux
Andre Tricoteux Colossus Via. Instagram

Leatherface was one of his most well-known performances, and he appeared in the episode “A Nightmare on State Street” of the television series Psych. He also appeared as Boris in the episode “Fail-Safe” of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. He’s one of those performers that excels at playing the villain. Snowpiercer is his most recent TV show, in which he plays Icy Bob for five episodes in a row.

Is Andre Tricoteux colossus in Deadpool?

In both Deadpool sequels, Andre Tricoteux reprised his role as Colossus. Unfortunately, the special effects team required him to don a CGI outfit to hide his identity. While he was already well-known, it was his portrayal as Deadpool Colossus that catapulted him to fame.

Did Tricoteux act in Once Upon a Time?

For the Once Upon a Time television series, Andre Tricoteux worked as a stuntman and a massive brawler, or ARGYLE. He appreciated being a part of the Once Upon a Time set, despite his limited screen time.


Who is the Wife of Andre Tricoteux?

Nicole Hayduk, Andre Tricoteux’s wife, is his co-star. Regrettably, there is no precise date for their wedding. Andre and Nicole had their first child after their happy marriage. He’s between the ages of four and seven. The name of the son is undoubtedly unknown.

Andre Tricoteux
Andre Tricoteux Supernatural team via. Instagram

Social Media and Body Stats

With the username (@andretricoteux), Andre Trixoteux has an Instagram account. In addition, he has a Twitter account (@andretricoteux) with a username. To see images of Trixoteux and the production team, you can follow both of them. He stands at a perfect 6 feet and 11 inches tall, or around 2.1 meters. He’s about 105 kg in weight. His hair and eyes are both light brown, and he has blue eyes. In addition, Taurus is his astrological sign.

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