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Andrey Burykin

Full Name

Emorett Andrey Burykin




October 7, 1983







Current City

Moscow, Russia





Zodiac Sign







  • Producer

  • Production manager


Brentwood, Tennessee, United States

Russian producer and production manager Andrey Burykin was born on October 7, 1983, in Russia. In 2008, he began working professionally in the film industry as a production assistant. He participates actively in both the Russian and global film communities by going to international film festivals and conferences. Burykin has a deep love for the craft of filmmaking and is always looking to develop fresh, cutting-edge ideas. He participates actively in both the Russian and global film communities by going to international film festivals and conferences.

What is the Net Worth of Andrey Burykin?

Andrey Burykin, Russian-born movie producer  is thought to be worth $300,000. His employment as a film producer is his primary source of income. He has worked as a producer on many movies and TV shows, including The Americans, which received high praise. The Oscar-nominated film Eastern Promises was also produced by him.

He has developed a number of production firms, including Burykin Film and Burykin Media, in addition to his work as a producer. He has also participated in numerous Hollywood projects in a variety of roles.

Burykin, one of the more prominent Russian-born producers in Hollywood, is renowned for his original ideas and capacity to assemble the ideal team for a movie. As long as he keeps working in the film and television industries, his net worth will probably continue to rise.

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Career of Andrey Burykin:

In the world of film and television, Andrey Burykin works as a producer and production manager. He has more than 20 years of expertise in the field and has contributed to many well-known projects in Europe and Russia. He is renowned for his imaginative vision, meticulous attention to detail, and capacity to complete projects on schedule and under budget.

Andrey has contributed to a number of major motion pictures, including “The Thief,” “The White Guard,” “The Island,” “The Sun,” “The Barber of Siberia,” and “The Irony of Fate.” In addition, he has created television series and documentaries including “The World of Art,” “Chernobyl: The Chronicle of Disaster,” and “Russia’s Wild East.”

Andrey is also a skilled production manager who has experience overseeing teams, arranging budgets, and keeping projects on schedule. He has experience producing numerous productions that have won awards and is a master at managing the legal and financial facets of filmmaking.

Andrey has a background in production, but he is also an accomplished director who has helmed a number of short films. He has a deep understanding of what it takes to create engaging content and a passion for telling tales. He is also a talented negotiator who can operate under pressure to meet deadlines and difficult financial constraints.

Physical appearance:

Andrey Burykin, a 39-year-old Russian actor and producer, is 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall, of straight sexual orientation, and he is also a producer. He has black hair and black eyes. Unknown is his weight.

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Andrey Burykin is a seasoned producer and production manager with many years of experience in the motion picture business. He has a track record of achievement in both the technical and creative aspects of production. Burykin is skilled at planning budgets, making schedules, and supervising every stage of a project, from pre-production to post-production, including casting and crewing. He has a track record of successfully collaborating and communicating with a variety of creative professions. Burykin is dedicated to providing customers with high-caliber goods that uphold the highest standards of excellence.