Antonella Nester

Antonella Nester, a lady who exudes positivity, has only turned her passion for QVC and shopping into a career.

Nester is a TV personality on the QVC channel. She is best known for her wide smile and friendly demeanor, which keep viewers glued to their television screens.

Antonella’s net worth

Antonella’s net worth is derived from her earnings as a QVC TV host. She had always wanted to be on the home-shopping channel QVC. She went to the show’s audition, despite the fact that she lacked experience and had no marketing skills. Antonella did not give up hope despite being rejected twice. The third time, she exuded confidence, compelling those around her to choose her. She finally got her dream job after all of her trials.

She compares being a host to being a friend in the family room. She enjoys how she can make people happy simply by appearing on the screens.

According to, the average salary for a QVC TV host ranges between $21.5K and $32K per year.

What is Antonella Nester up to these days?

QVC let go of some of its hosts in 2020. Antonella was one of the hosts of the show. She explained the reason for her departure in a Facebook post. She stated in the post that it was due to the re-airing of the recorded program on QVC2.

Nester announced her plans to live on a boat with her husband on social media a few weeks after her departure from QVC. Nester posted a video on YouTube titled ‘Goodbye home…selling our home’ on November 12, 2020, showing the interiors and exteriors of their house as well as the process of selling their house and buying a boat.

Nester’s fans expressed their dissatisfaction with her decision after she posted the video, which she addressed in a subsequent video a month later. Nester stated that due to her and Chris’s unemployment, they were unable to pay their mortgage.

However, Nester also stated that living on a boat was their 33-year retirement plan, which they implemented faster because both of them were unemployed at the same time.

Antonella and Chris’s Sweet Love Story

Antonella is married to Chris and has three wonderful children. She and Chris were best friends for three years after meeting in college. Best friends who were crazy in love became a forever couple.

Antonella has many touching stories to tell about her love life. She shared a personal story with the QVC community in 2018. Nester admitted that she and her husband did not make a good living when they were first married.

After saving for a few months, the couple decided to purchase the bracelet that Nester coveted. Her husband, who rarely noticed jewelry, noticed a watch he liked while shopping for that bracelet. She claimed that when Chris saw the watch, she made the same expression she did when she saw the bracelet. The watch was $150, just like the bracelet.

Nester decided not to buy the bracelet because Chris never bought anything for himself. Instead, she chose the watch for her husband. Chris, on the other hand, insisted on receiving the bracelet for which he had saved for an entire year. The couple argued in front of the storekeeper for a while, and Nester inadvertently insisted on finalizing the watch rather than the bracelet.

The storekeeper was moved by their love and offered to sell both items for a quarter of the price, allowing them to purchase both the bracelet and the watch.

Cancer and Weight Loss

Nester has always been open and honest with her fans about her cancer journey. She had a nerve sheath tumor in her arm at first. Nester underwent surgery in December 2020 after specialists diagnosed the tumor as a dead cyst, but the tumor’s biopsy revealed it to be malignant lymphoma.

She then went to the Jefferson Cancer Institute to confirm her diagnosis. She was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, an incurable but treatable type of blood cancer, after undergoing a PET scan. Antonella lost 40 pounds as a result of the disease and experienced constant lethargy despite proper diet and sleep.

Her full-body scan also revealed two lumps under her breast, which were later diagnosed as breast cancer following a biopsy. Nester posted a YouTube video on February 4, 2021, about her cancer discovery and experience.

Antonella’s YouTube channel, which has approximately 9.76K subscribers, is constantly updated about her cancer journey.

Biographical Sketch

Antonella was born in 1964 in New Cumberland and celebrates her birthday on January 12th, according to wiki.

Nester enjoys spending time with her family, especially during the holiday season. She is the mother of two sons, Michael and Philip, and one daughter, Hope.

Quick Information

Date of Birth January 12, 1964 Age 57 Years 5 Month(s)
Nationality American Profession TV Show Host
Marital Status Married Husband/Spouse Chris
Divorced Not Yet Gay/Lesbian No
Net Worth Not Disclosed Ethnicity White
Children/Kids 1 Daughter & 2 Sons Height N/A
Education Penn State University, Trinity High school Siblings 3 Sisters

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