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Arthur Hayes

Full Name

Arthur Hayes






Detroit, Michigan, United States


United States



Current City

Detroit, Michigan


African American



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  • Entrepreneur

  • Banker



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The most well-known accomplishment of American businessman and banker Arthur Hayes is the creation of BitMEX, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1985, and spent his formative years here.

What is the Net Worth of Arthur Hayes?

Arthur Hayes’ estimated net worth as of 2023 is $550 million. His engagement with BitMEX, the cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform he co-founded, is his main source of income. Hayes’ riches was a result of BitMEX’s rapid expansion and daily trading volume of billions of dollars under his direction.

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Career of Arthur Hayes:

At Deutsche Bank and Citigroup, Arthur Hayes started his career in finance as an equity trader. Although he had prior expertise in conventional financial markets, his fascination with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies inspired him to pursue a career in the young sector.

Hayes co-founded BitMEX (Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange), a platform for trading cryptocurrency derivatives, in 2014. BitMEX quickly attracted expert traders from all over the world due to its high leverage and distinctive financial offerings. BitMEX expanded significantly under Hayes’ direction, reaching a daily trading volume of billions of dollars.

But BitMEX has had to deal with disputes and legal problems. After the US government brought charges against BitMEX in 2020, Hayes resigned from all leadership positions at the company, including his position as CEO. Despite these difficulties, Hayes continues to have a significant impact on the bitcoin sector.


Hayes has worked on a number of business endeavors in addition to his role with BitMEX. He has invested in bitcoin start-ups and worked on the creation of fresh blockchain-related goods and technologies.

Hayes is renowned for his frank and even contentious views on cryptocurrencies and financial markets. He has frequently spoken at professional gatherings and been quoted in publications like Bloomberg and CNBC.

Overall, Arthur Hayes’ career has been distinguished by his work in the Bitcoin sector. Hayes has had a big impact on the world of cryptocurrencies, from his early days as a trader in conventional banking to co-founding BitMEX and navigating the ups and downs of the company. Despite the difficulties and problems that his career has encountered, his entrepreneurial energy and knowledge of the financial markets have cemented his position as a key player in the sector.

Physical Appearance:

38-year-old Arthur Hayes has black hair and eyes. He has a thin frame, despite the lack of public information regarding his exact height and weight. When attending conferences and public events, Hayes always presents a polished image and is frequently spotted dressed professionally.

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Arthur Hayes is a significant player in the bitcoin sector, to sum up. He was an essential contributor to BitMEX’s development and success as the platform’s co-founder. Despite the controversy and legal problems that surrounded BitMEX, Hayes had a big impact on the business and a big net worth. His standing as a key player in the cryptocurrency industry has been cemented by his unabashed views and knowledge of financial markets.