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Net Worth:

$5 Million


Ashwin Mehta

Net Worth In Indian Rupees:

35 Crore INR


3 Crore +

Monthly Income:

25 Lakhs +


66 Yrs

Date of Birth:

June 6, 1956




1.72 M (5′ 8″)


75 kg or 165 lbs





Lawyer Ashwin Mehta has a $5 million dollar net worth. In India, Ashwin Mehta is a highly regarded and well-known attorney. He is well recognized as the late Harshad Mehta’s brother. His family went through some really difficult times when the 1992 swindle gained attention, and his brother Harshad Mehta also passed away in prison in 2001. Ashwin made the decision to become a lawyer, which radically altered his life. He now leads a very contented and joyful life with his family and kids.

What is the Net Worth of Ashwin Mehta:

Ashwin Mehta has amassed a substantial fortune through the stock market, his method was illegal and a serious crime. Despite the fact that he wasn’t the perpetrator, he was cleared because of that. Currently, Ashwin Mehta is worth $5 million, or 35 crores of Indian rupees. He has developed into a superb attorney over time.

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Early years and family:

Ashwin Mehta has not provided much specifics regarding his early years. Even so, we do know a little bit about his early years. He was born to Shantilal Mehta and Rasilaben Mehta in the Rajkot District of Gujarat. A few years before him in birth was his older brother Harshad Mehta. Borivali in Mumbai, where Mehta spent much of his childhood. Although not very powerful or affluent, his father was a textile businessman. In their early years, they had experienced severe financial stress, which is what actually drove Ashwin Mehta and Harshad Mehta to take that action.


Ashwin Mehta has a few automobiles in his collection. He has a Toyota Corolla, a Honda City, and a few other vehicles.

House: Mehta and his family reside in a home in Mumbai. He also has a home close to his birthplace in Gujrat.

Career of Ashwin Mehta:

Ashwin Mehta transitioned to law after giving up the stock market. He already held an LLB degree that he had earned from a Mumbai law school. He has also handled many legal matters for his brother and acted as his legal counsel. Nevertheless, he changed his course after Harshad Mehta’s passing. He committed himself to dispelling the terrible accusations made against his family. Even yet, it was a difficult undertaking because it took him close to 17 years to establish his family’s innocence.


Ashwin Mehta is a very intelligent individual. His high school education was finished at Holy Cross Byron Bazar in Mumbai. Later, Mehta completed his LLB at one of Mumbai’s law schools. He used to handle all of Harshad Mehta’s belongings and had a very bright mind.

Personal life of Ashwin Mehta:

Since we don’t know anything about Ashwin Mehta’s wife or kids, he hasn’t disclosed a lot about his personal life. But it is undeniable that Mehta is married and has kids.

Due to a lack of funding, Ashwin Mehta experienced severe hardship in the beginning. However, when Harshad Mehta entered the stock market a few years later, everything changed. Ashwin also participated in the stock market, and the two of them amassed enormous money. However, as soon as it was discovered that their means of making money was illegal, everything changed. During his incarceration in 2001, Harshad Mehta passed away. Although he was released, Mehta was also detained for a while.

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There are no notable awards that Ashwin Mehta has received to display. Even so, he has accomplished a great deal in his life. Despite all the challenges and the death of his brother, he managed to lead a successful life and excel as a lawyer. He defends his family against all charges related to the 1992 swindle.


Many people find inspiration in Ashwin Mehta. He endured a lot of pain as a result of the 1992 swindle, and he also lost his brother, but he overcame all the obstacles. He went on to become a lawyer and defended his kin and his brother’s good name. The most lovely thing is that he was able to establish everyone’s innocence.

We don’t know a lot about him because he prefers to keep much of his personal information private.