Aztecross Gamer | Age, Biography, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Family, Wife, Kids, Twitch, Videos and More

Aztecross is a Destiny twitch streamer from the United States. Rica, the gamer’s long-term girlfriend, is still unmarried. lets find out the wife of Online Gamer Aztecross.

Aztecross is a well-known figure in the gaming community, particularly among Destiny fans.

The streamer’s career revolves around this game, which is well-liked by the audience.Despite his fame, the creator has failed to divulge his true name.Aztecross got his start in gaming at a young age thanks to his aunt’s Super Nintendo, which sparked his interest in gaming and streaming.

Furthermore, the streamer stated in an interview with Bungie, “She would sometimes get home late at night, but she would always make sure she came to the room I was staying in to play Mario Kart with me for hours, That was really the moment when I fell in love with gaming.”

Similarly, the video gamer’s YouTube channel grew once he began streaming his games on the platform. Starfield, Elden Ring, Destiny Guides, and Fortnite are among his many games.

His most popular videos are about playtesting, unedited videogame playthroughs, collaborations, trailer deconstruction, live responses, and so on. The broadcaster is commonly seen on the popular gaming streaming website Twitch.

Similarly, the YouTuber has already amassed over 330 million views.

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Aztecross Net Worth and Salary 2023

As of 2023, e-sports players primarily earn money through streaming and sponsorship. The streamer resides in Las Vegas. It is estimated that he generates around $500k per year from all of his outlets.

However, because he has been in the spotlight for a few years, his net worth appears to be less than a million dollars.The twitch broadcaster is frequently spotted participating in charity activities via his feed, yet the amount he raised is nowhere to be discovered.

We can found his More Social Media Accounts:

Who Is Aztecross’s Wife, Rica?

Aztecross has been dating fitness model Rica since the middle of 2022. Rica is a Czech national who resides in Miami with her spouse. Last August, the Destiny veteran stunned his Instagram followers by posting a selfie of them.

Aztecross revealing his girlfriend Rica, through his Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Many queries about her facts were being asked in the comments. Rica is a skilled digital creator who models for a variety of businesses.

She has recently seen advertisements for Forge supplements, which are, as the name implies, dietary supplements for gym goers. She is a fitness fanatic, as seen by her frequent visits to the gym and her enthusiasm for yoga.

The content author was previously married to an unknown partner. The now-divorced couple had a son named Liam. Their marriage was short-lived, since they divorced when Liam was just two years old.

Furthermore, there is no information on Liam’s mother on the internet, and the streamer appears to strive hard to keep his history apart from his present existence.

Children of Aztecross and Rica

Az already has a 6-year-old son named Liam from a prior relationship, which he has not officially disclosed. In his new relationship, the pair is currently expecting a baby girl.

At a gathering at their home, the couple just disclosed the gender of their upcoming baby. The pair, however, does not discuss the baby’s name.

Aztecross' Kids
Aztecross Gaming’s Wife Rica and Kids, Image Via: Instagram

Az writes on Instagram, “I was team boy right up until the end, but I’m okay with having a little girl.” The streamer had planned to become a father to two sons, but God had other intentions. Liam, on the other hand, stays with his mother and visits his father frequently, primarily during the holidays. The father-son bond appears to be really wonderful, since the gamer frequently tweets images of them doing father-son activities.

Despite the fact that the couple split many years ago, Liam still enjoys spending time with his father. Az was born on May 12 in Arizona and is said to be in his late twenties. His wife, on the other hand, was born on October 25 and is in her mid-20s.