Benjamin Barrett

Quick Facts

Name Benjamin Barrett
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Instagram @benabarrett
Twitter @BenABarrett

Benjamin Barrett is an American-Chinese actor who has been in the film business since 2016. He has been featured in a variety of movies. He has recently become very known for his appearance in Netflix’s The Politician comedy.

Benjamin is also a writer and director who has worked on small projects. It’s popular for movies like Night Stalker (2016), Badsville (2017), and so on. He has received awards for his films numerous times.

How much is the Net Worth of Benjamin Barrett?

The net worth of Benjamin Barrett is almost about $900,000.

Ten Details About Benjamin Barrett

1. Benjamin Barrett was born to a mother in China. His age is not established, but he appears to be in his mid to late twenties.
2. Talking regarding his physical frame, the height of Benjamin Barrett is measured to be 5 feet and 10 inches.
3. While he is popular, there has been no article regarding Benjamin Barrett on Wikipedia.
4. Benjamin Barrett’s net worth is reported to be about $100 thousand, taking into account his investments.
5. When talking to DaMan Magazine, Benjamin Barrett said that because of his mother’s Chinese heritage, he grew up inspired by Chinese culture. He has not shared information regarding his father or his relatives. His mother even likes to sing karaoke.
6. Inspired by the Chinese community, he wrote a movie named Superfighting Tian Cai. ‘Tian Cai’ is a visionary in Chinese. Not only did he compose this film, but he even directed some portion of it.

7. The first appearance of the actor in the movie Night Stalker was in 2016. Similarly, the following movie was Badsville’s 2017 episode. This movie earned him a number of honors. Benjamin’s most popular work is the Netflix sitcom ‘The Politician’ by Ryan Murphy. His position was well regarded by reviewers and audiences.
8. Talking about his sport, Barrett is also very fond of publishing. He co-wrote the Badsville movie with April Mullen. He also announced his intentions to write a web series during an interview. Likewise, Benjamin is a huge fan of David Fincher and hopes to collaborate with him in the future. David Fincher is renowned for his mystery movies. Benjamin needs to collaborate with J.J. Abraham from Missing, too.
9. Speaking regarding his social networking activity, he’s on Twitter as @BenABarrett and on Instagram as @benabarrett. He’s got more than 8k fans on Instagram.
10. He hasn’t revealed much in the papers about his girlfriend or future wife.

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