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Birth Date

August 31,1954

Full Name

Caroline Cossey

Other Name




Birth City

Brooke, Norfolk,

Birth Country




Marital Status



David Finch


183 cm



British actress and model Caroline Cossey. Under the moniker Tula, she has appeared in Australian Vogue, Playboy, and numerous other prestigious publications. Being transsexual was not an easy life for Tula. It had an impact on her career life in addition to her personal life.

Caroline Cossey was forced to withdraw from the 3-2-1 show after a tabloid asked her to expose her identity. Let’s examine the struggles Caroline had in this essay and how she overcame them.

What is the net worth of Caroline Cossey?

Caroline Cossey has a net worth of $10 million, which she has accumulated as a result of her successful career. Cossey began modeling after working as a showgirl, and she quickly rose to the top.

The British model began to feature in numerous prestigious publications and pose for numerous photographers. In 1991, she made appearances in Australian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Playboy.

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Age and Early years:

Barry Kenneth Cossey, who was born Caroline Cossey on August 31, 1954, was given a male name at birth, but she struggled with gender confusion as a child. Cossay looked more feminine because of the XXXY syndrome’s gender variant.

This led to a lot of bullying and teasing, which contributed to the British model’s terrible and depressing adolescence. At the age of 15, Caroline stopped attending school full-time and began working in a clothing store and as a butcher apprentice.

The following year, Cossey, then 16, relocated to London to begin his new life and career. She initially accepted wage jobs in order to survive in a foreign country.

Married life of Caroline Cossey:

Caroline Cossey, often known as Tula, and David Finch have been happily married since 1992. Tula posted a photo of her and her husband on Instagram to mark their silver wedding anniversary. The husband of Cossey is a Canadian engineer.

Cossey and David maintain their connection a secret, but their marriage is still going strong. There are no rumors of a divorce, and the couple’s connection and affection remain unbroken. They haven’t had kids yet.

Even though they have been married for close to three decades, the Canadian engineer still remembers the British model as if they had only met yesterday. Thanks to David, Caroline, who was emotionally damaged, found the confidence to fall in love.

Did you know that David Finch and Caroline Cossey were already married?

Cossey, a British model turned actress, has been married twice. Caroline Cossey was wed to businessman Elias Fattal before to meeting the Canadian engineer. The former couple, however, did not endure very long.

On May 21, 1989, the couple exchanged vows and left for their honeymoon. After their return, the newlyweds learned that an article about their wedding had been published in the News of the World. As a result, Fattal filed for an annulment.

Caroline Cossey hugging her spouse David Finch. Source: Instagram @carolinecossey

Fattal is intriguingly the second person to accept Caroline after learning about her past. Cossey told the businessman the truth when he proposed to her on Valentine’s Day in 1988. The British model feared Elias would reject her, but the exact reverse happened.

Who, if not Elias, was the first to accept her as a lover while being aware of the truth? It’s none other than Italian executive officer Count Glauco Lasinio, who was formerly engaged to Caroline. Lasinio was the one who persuaded Cossey to file a petition to amend British law pertaining to transsexuals.

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Who is the Sister of Caroline Cossey?

Pam Cosey was Caroline’s sole close friend when she was a child. When they were little, they enjoyed dressing up in their mother’s clothes and doing makeup. The siblings enjoyed themselves greatly.

Did you realize? Caroline Cossey had always imagined being married and becoming a bride. The British model admitted she and her sister Pam used to enjoy acting as brides at weddings and watching them.

Caroline Cossey’s surgery led to her gender transition from male to female:

Caroline Cossey found work as a showgirl after leaving Brooke, Norfolk, where she was born. She considered changing into a woman, much like Vivian Jenna Wilson. When Tula was seventeen years old, she began hormone therapy, and not long after that, she had breast augmentation surgery.

After the procedure, Caroline began performing in Rome’s topless clubs to raise additional funds for the procedure. Cossey underwent her final hormone operation at London’s Charming Cross Hospital on December 31, 1974.

Caroline’s body measurements changed to 36-24-37 inches after she finished her therapy. Since then, the 6-foot-tall Cossey has begun her modeling career. Ines Rau, the girlfriend of Staiv Gentis, is one of the numerous trans models who have been inspired by her work.