Quick Facts

Name Chanzes
Birthday June 5, 1998
Age 22
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Profession Esports Player
Married/Single Single
Instagram mitchpower_
Twitter @ChanzesTTV
Youtube Chanzes

Twitch star Chanzes is very popular for playing video games and streaming them live via his twitch channel. Many players remember him as a Fortnite Streamer in the gaming community. His style of playing is unique to all of his fans and many other players.

With his zeal and commitment to his work, Chanzes has entered this stage of life, where a lot of people know him. His gameplay is one of a kind that is very exciting and very rewarding.

Having a very large fuchsom, he is one of the most famous and well-known players in the sports field. Many people even hear a lot from him about playing games and special strategies.

10 Chanze Facts:

1. Chanzes is a twitch star and a youtube star who’s famous for his gameplay and live streams.
2. Though most notable for his gaming world name is Chanzes, his real name is Mitch Power.
3. And he was born on June 5th, 1998.
4. Power is 22 years old. Since he’s from Brisbane, Australia, his nationality is Australian.
5. Mitch’s official twitch channel is called Chanzes, where 550 thousand people follow him.
6. Likewise, on his Youtube page, he has earned 240 thousand viewers, and his Youtube channel is also called Chanzes.
7. Looking at his fans on his social media site, he’s sure to make a decent deal of money. His precise net value, however, remains to be known.
8. We can’t find the strength on Instagram. But you can connect to him via his Twitter account, which is under the @ChanzesTTV username.
9. We’ve known after famous birthdays that he’s also a swimmer who takes part in the Australian Age Championships.
10. Esports Player Chanzes is also regarded as a content developer for PWR.

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