Charlotte Powdrell Net Worth After Lawsuit And Real Estate Details | Age, Bio, Wiki, Career, Boyfriend and Facts

Charlotte Powdrell is a well-known New Zealand personality who rose to prominence due to her connection with UFC fighter Israel Adesanya. She is a real estate agent with a nursing background.

Ex-partner of Charlotte Powdrell, Israel Adesanya has established himself as one of the most prominent figures in the MMA industry. The Nigerian-New Zealand middleweight champion continues to demonstrate why he is one of the UFC’s most popular fighters. Adesanya, America’s most googled UFC fighter, has also watched his social media following grow over the years.

The Last Stylebender,’ who has over 8 million Instagram followers, normally avoids sharing about his personal relationships and family.

Last month, though, he posted a series of scathing posts intended at his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell. Many observed that Adesanya’s story fit the old saying that “behind every great man is a woman.” However, the 33-year-old fighter from Lagos recently stated that his previous romance with Charlotte Powdrell was far from a fairytale.

Charlotte Powdrell Net Worth After Lawsuit 

According to UFC bantamweight competitor Sean O’Malley, Adesanya may be sued for half of his stated net worth of $4 million as a result of his public comments towards Powdrell.

If Powdrell wins her lawsuit, she may have assets worth $2 million, bringing her net worth above $2 million. If she wins her lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend Israel, her net worth will be reduced to $2 million.

Charlotte Powdrell's bio
Charlotte Powdrell is said to be after half of Israel Adesanya’s assets. (Image via: Pluse Sports)

UFC fighter Sean O’Malley has spoken out about the incident between Israel Adesanya and Charlotte Powdrell.

O’Malley thinks it odd that Powdrell would expect to get half of Adesanya’s assets, especially since they were never married. On his YouTube channel, O’Malley discussed the issue.

People have started making disparaging remarks about Powdrell since the case was filed.

Following their split, Israel Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell, has drawn attention and made headlines, particularly after Adesanya accused her of being a gold digger.

Despite the fact that they are not married and have no children together, Powdrell is apparently suing Adesanya for half of his millions and net worth. Powdrell has her income, but she wants a large portion of Adesanya’s assets.

Real Estate of Charlotte Powdrell

Charlotte Powdrell, Israel Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend, is a real estate agent. There is no publicly available information about her Charlotte real estate holdings or transactions. Her financial information has been kept hidden.

However, there have been numerous queries about Israel’s real estate information; he like vehicles and has frequently been treated with a new car. In the photo caption, he describes himself as “overcompensating” by purchasing a 2019 Orange McLaren 720s Spider. This premium vehicle costs around $315,000 (N119,857,500).

Charlotte Powdrell's Boyfriend Isreal Adesanya Car
Israel Adesanya has a McLaren 720s Spider, a high-end sports car. (Image via:

Israel Adesanya has a Range Rover in his car collection, which he showed photos of on Instagram in 2019.

The Range Rover is powered by a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine that generates 518 horsepower and 461 pound-feet of torque. It boasts a respectable acceleration time of 6 seconds from 0 to 60 mph and a top speed of 141 mph.

This Range Rover comes from the fourth generation and has a starting price of around 44,0000,00.

Adesanya lives in Auckland, New Zealand, but it is unknown whether he owns property there.

According to rumors, he was interested in investments relating to apartment projects on Whanganui Liverpool Street in New Zealand in 2019.

Israel clearly enjoys automobiles and has freely discussed his car collection. However, there is little information accessible regarding his home or any other property he may own.

Charlotte Powdrell, Israel Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend Unknown Facts

  • She was born on March 24, 1995, in Wairoa, New Zealand, according to sources. Her astrological sign is Aries.
  • Charlotte had her early schooling at a local school, but she has not revealed any other information about her scholastic background.
  • Charlotte Powdrell was a nurse before entering the real estate market.
  • Charlotte is of White heritage and a New Zealand national.
  • She had a connection with Israel Adesanya, although the details of their relationship are unknown. According to rumours, they split up in 2020.
  • Powdrell and Israel Adesanya never married and have no children together.
  • Despite the fact that she is not legally married to Israel Adesanya, Charlotte is reportedly demanding half of his net assets. This stunning revelation was made by UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley during a recent podcast broadcast.
  • Charlotte Powdrell’s demand for half of Israel Adesanya’s net wealth has resulted in legal action against her. Israel Adesanya has stated his intention to sue his ex-girlfriend in court.
  • She has reportedly kept a quiet profile following her split from Israel Adesanya. There is little information about her personal life available, and she has not publicly commented on the court case.
  • Charlotte’s demand for half of Israel Adesanya’s net assets has sparked outrage. Many of her admirers and followers chastised her for making such a demand despite the fact that she is not legally married to Adesanya.
  • Powdrell’s family lives in Auckland, New Zealand, where she is now residing.