Chloe Snyder

Quick Facts

Name Chloe Snyder
Birthday November 29
Age 30s
Gender Female
Height About 5 feet 7 inches
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Parents Natasha Snyder
Married/Single Unknown
Social Media Instagram

Chloe Snyder is a well-known actress and filmmaker. She is mainly recognised for her excellent acting talents and the execution of on-time dialogue. She’s still renowned for her fabulous attitude.

Chloe Snyder joined the “Big River” film industry in 2005. In the film, she played the character of Sarah. In addition, she received a total of 8 acting credits.

As stated earlier, Chloe is also the creator of the movie “Eagles in the Chicken Coop.” Since her role in “How to Be a Hitman,” she vanished from the industry.

10 facts about Chloe Snyder

  1. Chloe Snyder is a very famous actress. She is popular for “Hall Pass” but has not been involved on the film line since 2014.
  2. Wikipedia is not open to the actress. Her IMDb and other biofacts are accessible on the Internet, though.
  3. Synder was born and raised in the United States of America. So she’s an American citizen.
  4. Moving on, the actor’s birthday is uncertain, but she’s celebrating her birthday on November 29th. Also, she’s supposed to be 30 years old.
  5. Chloe is a gorgeous lady. She’s standing at a nice height base. In the same way, she has a curvy body and an engaging personality.
  6. There’s nothing available to come to Snyder’s love life. She may be married to an attractive guy, or she may be dating her boyfriend.
  7. The actress has a great family. But until now, she has not said anything to her parents or siblings.
  8. Chloe began her acting career in 2005. She worked in the industry for about 9 years and suddenly started working in the movies in 2014.
  9. Snyder is a great developer, too. She’s living a good life, and her net worth the details is under the veil.
  10. Finally, the actress has an Instagram account of 5.9 K followers. In addition, it is not participating on other social media.

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