Chris Morocco

Facts of Christopher Morocco

Full Name Christopher Morocco
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1980/2/26
Birth Country United States
Birth Place Newton, Massachusetts, USA.
Sexual Orientation Straight

Chris Morocco is the Bon Appétit magazine’s Deputy Food Editor. He is also the host of the Reverse Engineering show, which airs on the Bon Appétit YouTube channel.

As a show host, he creates a variety of food recipes and teaches viewers how to cook. Aside from that, he visits various restaurants and eateries around the world to write food reviews for his magazine.

What is the net worth of Chris Morocco?

Chris Morocco, a 43-year-old chef, is well-known for his delectable cuisine. In reality, he came to prominence after regularly appearing on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel beginning in 2017. To supplement his income, the skilled chef currently works as the magazine’s deputy food editor. In 2019, he also started hosting a web series on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel.

He earns a lot as a salary thanks to his super-taster ability to reverse engineer recipes. In particular, as of 2022, he has a stunning net worth of $5 million. Reverse engineering approaches include renowned chef Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington and Jamie Oliver’s insanity burger, to name a few.

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Age, Birthday, and Education

Christopher Morocco, also known as Chris Morocco, was born in a middle-class family on February 26, 1980. Along with his family, the 43-year-old grew up in Newton, Massachusetts. The YouTube star majored in French at Oberlin College, where he received his education. Later, he attended the French Culinary Institute to further his culinary talents.

Life as a Wife and a Married Woman

Chris Morocco lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife Amber Bennett and two children in a two-bedroom apartment.

Chris Morocco with his wife Amber Bennet and kids (Photo:- Bong Joon-ho’s Silly Rabbit’s Twitter)

The couple’s children are both sons. The younger child’s name is Finn, and the older child’s name is Alec.

Information About Your Career

Chris Morocco has extensive experience working for various magazines. After years of working with Vogue, Real Simple, and Bon Appétit magazines, he was given the opportunity to hone his skills and talents.

Chris began his career at Vogue in May 2004 as a Booking Production Manager. He left the magazine in June 2010 after more than 6 years and joined Bon Appétit as an Associate Food Editor in February 2011. Again, he left Bon Appétit in July 2013 and joined Real Simple the following month. However, he only worked as a Staff Food Editor for Real Simple for a year and a half.

Interestingly, after leaving Real Simple in January 2015, he returned to Bon Appétit in February 2015 as Senior Food Editor.

Fast Facts

  1. Chris is well-known for his distinct taste buds and instructional abilities. It is the reason he has over 240,000 Instagram followers.
  2. He worked in Real Simple’s editorial department.
  3. He majored in French and enjoys photography as well.
  4. Before enrolling at the French Culinary Institute, the food expert worked as a production manager for Vogue.
  5. In 2017, he made his first appearance on the Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel.
  6. In 2019, he launched Reverse Engineering, a food-based web series on the Bon Appétit YouTube channel.
  7. He is regarded as a supertaster due to his ability to experience taste with greater intensity than the average person.

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