Cristiano Ronaldo: Nobody knows how many clubs tried to sign me before Al-Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo: Nobody knows how many clubs tried to sign me before Al-Nassr

Cristiano Ronaldo stated that clubs all around the world, including those in Europe, competed for his signing before Al-Nassr signed him to a record contract.

  • Ronaldo’s contract with Manchester United has been terminated.
  • According to reports, he waited for elite European club offers before accepting a contract with a Saudi squad.


Ronaldo argued that Saudi Arabia was the personal destination he desired and that he could have easily gone elsewhere – yet rumors claim that his desire to join Real Madrid was never reciprocated. In any event, his hefty contract will pay him more than any other professional footballer (reportedly £173 million ($209 million) every year).


“Nobody knows but I can say now that I had many opportunities in Europe, many clubs in Brazil, in Australia, in U.S. even in Portugal, many clubs tried to sign me,” Ronaldo said at his introductory news conference for Al-Nassr. “But I give credit to this club for the opportunity to develop not only the football but this amazing country. I know what I want and of course what I don’t want as well


After spending the first part of the season in the Premier League, Ronaldo’s entrance is a spectacular change of events. Star players rarely move from what is probably the best league in the world to a league that is largely unknown among the worldwide football-watching audience.

Cristiano Ronaldo aka CR7 Current Club Al Nassr
Cristiano Ronaldo is playing from AL Nassr Saudi Arabian FC, against AL-Ta’ee on Thursday, 5th January 2023

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Al-Nassr are now in the middle of their season and may try to bring in their big signing soon. They will play Al-Ta’ee next on Thursday, January 5.

Cristiano Ronaldo, CR7 is playing with Al-ta’ee FC on Thursday 5th January 2023.