Quick Facts of D’Angelo Holmes

Profession Hip-Hop Artist
Full Name D’Angelo Holmes
Nickname D-Roc
Birthplace U.S.
Ethnicity Black
Nationality American
Marital Status Divorced
Relationship History Yes
Net Worth $500k
Active Year 1999-Present
Eye colour Dark Brown
Hair colour Black
Build Slim
Height 6ft 3 inches
Weight 80 kg approx
Online Presence Twitter
Horoscope Aquarius
Twitter Link
Imdb Link

D’Angelo Holmes, as D-Roc, is a hip-hop musician, actor, and music composer from the United States. Most notably, he is widely renowned as a member of the Ying Yang Twins, an American hip-hop duo comprised of Kaine and D-Roc.

How much is the net worth of D-Net Roc?

D-Roc, the singer, is an extraordinary and wealthy man. However, due to various charges, he lost half of his fortune. To clarify, Roc was unable to pay his alimony in November and requested that a judge reduce his maintenance.

Similarly, a Ying Yang Team member was recently accused of marital violence, and he was jailed after reportedly hitting his wife.

According to TMZ, the district attorney, D-Roc, locked his wife’s Porsche Homes by her hand on the head and slammed his skull hard.

D-Roc Showing his golden teeth Source: IMDb

At the moment, his wife had a large lump on her left eye. After several months in incarceration, Roc was released and signed an agreement to remain away from his wife.

Meanwhile, he settled his divorce for a couple of million dollars. In terms of money, Roc has been tight-lipped about his finances.

He is hesitant to exhibit his wealthy lifestyle in public. So far, he hasn’t divulged anything monetary, and we haven’t discovered any hints about his financial situation.

However, after further study, we discovered that D-Roc has a net worth of $50 million in 2022.

In a divorce settlement, he lost the majority of his wealth to his ex-wife. Regardless, he is pursuing a professional career as a hip-hop musician. He has seven studio albums, two remixes, and three compilation albums to his credit.

Biography / Wiki

D’Angelo Holmes, as D-Roc, is a hip-hop musician, actor, and music composer from the United States. Most notably, he is well-known as a member of the Ying Yang Twins, an American hip-hop duo comprised of Kaine and D-Roc. Roc is also well-known for his roles in films such as Ride Along, The Proposal, and 17 Again.

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What is the Relationship Status of D-Roc?

There are few data concerning D-personal Roc’s life. Even well-known sources such as Wikipedia lack information about him.

Roc has only given a few interviews in which he has not revealed anything about his personal life. Read about more hip-hop musicians like Scroobius Pip.

D-Roc is less likely to be unmarried because he is a 43-year-old man. However, because we lack legitimate proof, we cannot proceed to the conclusion. His dating status is currently unknown to the general public.

Still, if any new information about the artist becomes available, we will keep you posted.

D-Roc Ex-Wife Source IMDb

Moving on to the Roc profiles and body measurements, he stands at 6ft 3in (1.9 m) and weighs approximately 80 kg.

Furthermore, he was of black race and spoke with a strong American accent. Similarly, he has black curly hair and dark brown eyes. He is not currently available on social media or other forms of media.

D-Roc appeared with Wayne Barrow on a HOT 97 YouTube channel podcast on March 10, 2021. Roc and Barrow discuss rare Biggie anecdotes, his method man, and his documentary with Lil Kim and Jay-Z.

Find Out More About the Ying Yang Twins

Back in the day, The Ying Yang Twins, Eric Jackson, alias Kaine, and D’Angelo Homes, or D-Roc, created the team. As of 2022, the duo is touring the world for their shows, and fans adore them for their rap songs and albums.

To clarify, Kaine is an American hip-hop musician and vocalist who was born in the United States of America on December 16, 1978. He is 44 years old right now.

Similarly, D-Roc, a hip hop artist, actor, and composer, was born on February 13, 1979, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

They are not twin brothers despite having the same name. The team launched their first songs in 2000 and achieved success in 2003 after collaborating with Britney Spears on her song “In the Zone” and Lil Jon on “Get Low.”

Ying Yang Twins Source: IMDb

Between 2004 and 2005, the hip-hop duo gained international attention with the release of hits “Wait (The Whisper Song),” “Salt Shaker,” “Shake,” and “Badd.”

Their song “Halftime,” which Homebwoi featured, got so famous that the New Orleans Saints, an American football club, used it in their home game touchdowns.

The Ying Yang Twins released their Work mixtape, The Official Work, in 2008. After a year, the duo began work on their 2009 mixtape Ying Yang Forever.

They published Compitaltion albums, Legendary Status: Ying Yang Twins Greatest Hits, three months later. Similarly, in 2013, the duo produced two follow-up mixtapes, Twurk or Die Mixtapes and Ass in Session.

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The Musical Career of the Ying Yang Twins

In the year 2000, they released their first single, “Whistle While You Twurk.” The song was played on every urban and pop radio station, and it peaked at number 17 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

Meanwhile, Ying Yang’s twins joined the Juz that King, Demo Dil, and Kat Nu, on a tour named King Me, where they gained renown.

Thug Walkin, their first full-length album, was released the following year. Alley: The Return of the Ying Yang Twins was published by the duo in 2002. The record was well-known among Southern hip-hop fans. The next year, they were featured on Lil Jon’s hit “Get Low.”

Ying Yang Twins Performing in their concert Source: IMDb

The Collaboration album was a massive smash in the country, and it began to be played in major clubs and radio stations. TVT was thrilled by their collaboration with Lil Jon when the album became a hit. Later, the Ying Yang Twins released their debut album for TVT, Me & My Brother.

On April 12, 2005, the album was certified by the Recording Industry Association of America Awards. The same year, they teamed with Britney Spears on an album called In the Zone. They released “I Got That (Boom Boom)” as a single.