Daisy Delacroix

Daisy Delacroix BIO/Wiki (Nationality, Trivia)

Full Real Name Daisy Delacroix
Nickname Daisy
Popular for For Onlyfans adult content
Age (as of 2022) 20-25 years old.
Profession Adult Model
Date of Birth In b/w 1997-2001
Place of Birth America
Current Residence 2797 El Camino Real, Redwood City CA.
Education Graduate
School Name Local High School
University State University
Net worth $550k USD
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Language English

Daisy Delacroix is a well-known American adult model who was born between 1997 and 2001 and is between the ages of 20 and 25. She is well-known to the tens of thousands of people who follow her on social media. Daisy Delacroix  frequently uploads photos of herself wearing stylish bikinis. She has a few years of experience as an adult model.

What is the net worth of Daisy Delacroix?

Daisy Delacroix works at Pink Pantherz Espresso in Redwood City. She makes a good living from all of her jobs, whether modeling or working as a bikini barista. She spends her money on stylish bikinis, elaborate tattoos, designer makeup, and other opulent items. Although Daisy hasn’t revealed whether she drives a premium car or not, her estimated net worth is $550,000 USD.

Daisy Delacroix: who is she?

Daisy Delacroix, a model for Onlyfans, gave some breathtaking news about herself on her TikTok account. She revealed that she had been sexually raped inside California Supermarket by an unidentified male. She discussed the incident and provided the CCTV footage that she later obtained from the manager of the Redwood City Store.

In the video, a man approaches Daisy from behind, touches her butt, and then murmurs “What’s Up Baby?” in her ear. Daisy then flees the area after becoming frightened.

Onlyfans Model disclosed that she was assaulted in a supermarket while completing her food shopping.

On TikTok, this video clip has received over 2 million views. Daisy can be seen in the video purchasing frozen meats from the supermarket’s meat department while sporting a crop top and biking shorts. Daisy Delacroix was sexually assaulted, however the perpetrator has not been identified, and it is unknown if Daisy has reported the incident to the police or not.

Childhood and education

Due of Daisy Delacroix 2021’s social media activity. It is unknown when she was born because she has not publicly released any photos of her birthday celebration.

Additionally, she has not told her parents where she was born. We only learned that she is currently residing at 2797 El Camino Real, Redwood City, California.

She seems to be between 20 and 25 years old. Visit us later to learn more about her schooling because we might update it if she subsequently makes her education structure public through the media.

Family background

You may be aware that many models who work in the adult industry typically keep their families a secret from their admirers. One of them, including our own Daisy Delacroix, does not enjoy discussing her parents, siblings, or brother anyplace.

Her career endeavors and other information are things that she enjoys sharing with her followers. She hasn’t even acknowledged her ethnicity, but in our opinion, she is a wholly white American woman. She would have proud American parents.

Do you know about the Career, occupation, adult model, and wealth of Daisy Delacroix ?

On August 10, 2021, Daisy Delacroix published her debut TikTok video. More than 3K people watched her debut TikTok video. After that, she started using her TikTok video wearing bikinis and other things to appeal to an adult audience. She then changed to Onlyfans, where she started sharing her illicit content in exchange for a subscription. She now charges $20 per month for access to her Onlyfans content.

Source ;Instagram

She currently has 691 subscribers on her Onlyfans page. Daisy also works as a bikini barista in addition to being a social media personality. Everyone is aware of the Bikini Barista, a former bartender who frequently served drinks while donning a bikini.

Relationships & Boyfriend of Daisy Delacroix

On Onlyfans, adult model Daisy Delacroix is occupied amusing her male fan base. She hasn’t yet begun a romantic relationship with one of the other male models she works with. Daisy Delacroix  prefers not to discuss her romantic relationships with any of her Onlyfans male subscribers.

She simply enjoys entertaining men with her feisty physique and mature modeling abilities. She posted some of her sassy humor, which always draws a large audience. We can safely assume that Daisy has had several love proposals from nearby boys since she began her modeling career.

7 Daisy Delacroix Facts You Should Know

  • Daisy Delacroix’s TikTok account is currently less active.
  • She like wearing red bikinis.
  • Her left thigh is being tattooed.
  • Daisy offers her Onlyfans subscribers her solo videos, lingeries photographs, and other videos.
  • She currently has 23.5k likes on her Onlyfans page.
  • On her Onlyfans, Daisy has shared 158 photographs and 30 videos.
  • Her Instagram debut occurred on March 26, 2022.

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