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Daniel Vitalis

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Daniel Vitalis






New Hampshire, United States


United States



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  • Hunter-gatherer

  • Podcast host

  • Entrepreneur

  • Public speaker

  • Writer

  • Registered Maine guide



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Daniel Vitalis is a well-known hunter-gatherer, podcast host, entrepreneur, public speaker, writer, and registered Maine guide. He was born in 1977 in New Hampshire, USA, and is of American descent.

What is the Net Worth of Daniel Vitalis?

Daniel Vitalis’ net worth is expected to be approximately $12 million in 2023. This net worth has mostly come from his different initiatives, which include his podcast, public speaking engagements, book sales, and his company SurThrival.

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Career of Daniel Vitalis:

Daniel has always had a strong desire to explore and interact with the natural world as a hunter-gatherer. He is passionate about wild foods, ancestral living, and how ancient human lifestyles can be merged into current life.

Daniel is also well-known for his work as a podcast host, where he shares his knowledge and ideas on a variety of health, nutrition, sustainability, and human evolution-related themes. His podcast has grown in popularity among those interested in natural health and living.

Vitalis is an entrepreneur and public speaker in addition to his podcasting pursuits. He actively engages audiences to promote ancient wisdom-inspired health and wellness practices. He frequently speaks at events, conferences, and seminars about the importance of returning to a more natural and sustainable way of life.

Daniel Vitalis is also a writer, writing to different magazines and platforms on issues such as holistic health, nutrition, foraging, and the human-nature relationship.

He is also a registered Maine guide, which means he is qualified to lead people and groups in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and wilderness exploration around the state.

Overall, Daniel Vitalis is known for his commitment to disseminating information on the benefits of accepting elements from our ancestral past in order to improve our well-being and promote a closer connection with nature. Many people have been motivated by his work to reconsider their lifestyle choices and contemplate the need of a more harmonious relationship with the environment.

Physical Appearance:

Daniel Vitalis will be 46 years old in 2023. He has a heterosexual sexual orientation. His eyes are dark brown, and his hair is dark brown. Unfortunately, exact information regarding his height, weight, and other physical characteristics is unavailable.

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Finally, Daniel Vitalis is a well-known figure in the health and wellness industry, well recognized for his support for the paleolithic lifestyle and ancestral living. He shares his experience and passion for reconnecting with nature and adopting a more natural approach to health and wellbeing as a hunter-gatherer, podcast presenter, entrepreneur, public speaker, writer, and registered Maine guide. Vitalis educates and inspires people to embrace their primitive impulses and live a more vibrant and satisfying life through his podcast “ReWild Yourself,” his writing, and his company SurThrival. His contributions to the rewilding and ancestral health movements have had a huge impact, as he continues to emphasize the value of sustainable living, wild foods, and traditional practices for good health.