Darcy LaPier

Darcy Lapier is a Hollywood actress who has also worked as a model and producer. Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target, Street Fighter, Double Trouble, and Think Big are just a few of the films in which she has appeared. She is also well-known for her several marriages to high-profile celebrities.

Darcy LaPier’s Salary and net worth

According to Celebritynetworth, Darcy LaPier, like Elaine Starchuk, has a net worth of $100 million as of May 2020. She made a name for herself as an actor, producer, and model. She has amassed staggering money and fortune as a result of her past marriages and subsequent divorces.

 Darcy Lapier And Her Lavish Manson (Source: Google Image)

Her overall looks and acting abilities won her a reputation as a multi-talented actress whose cowgirl character has earned her a well-known global brand from which she must have made thousands of dollars.

Darcy LaPier’s Alimony History

She had married five times before, with high-profile celebrities and billion-dollar business tycoons. She has amassed an incredible amount of wealth as a result of her marriages and divorces.

She received $150,000 in child care every month after her divorce from Hollywood legend Jean-Claude Van Damme, as well as $300,000 in attorney fees. Since the court’s decision, she has also received $10 million in child benefits as compensation. Following the death of her fourth husband, Mark Huges, a billionaire businessman, she was awarded a hefty sum of $100 million as the widow of Huges.

Early life and Education

Darcy LaPier was born in Molalla, Oregon, on July 9, 1965. Lapier is a Cancerian with a Caucasian racial background and an American nationality. She studied acting at the University of Oregon and attended State University in Portland, Oregon. She went on to the Huntington Film Institute in Florida after that. To learn more, continue reading.

Affair And Current Relationship

In the year 2020, Darcy may be living alone. Her current love life, on the other hand, is shrouded in mystery. She seemed to prefer to remain out of the spotlight these days. As a result, no evidence of her current companion exists. But, unlike Radha Delamarter, who has been married four times, she has been married five times. To learn more, scroll down.

Early Marriages of Darcy Lapier

Darcy LaPier married Larry Ray Robertson in 1984 when she was 19 years old. That was her first marriage, but it did not last long, and she and her husband divorced in 1993. She divorced her spouse and entered the Miss Hawaiian Tropic pageant to pursue a modeling career.

She answered yes when the pageant organizer Ron Rice, who was almost twice her age, asked her out on a date during Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

She then moved in with Ron in a magnificent beach house where she gave birth to her first child, Sterling-Rice. Their relationship, however, fell apart after she began dating Jean-Claude Van Damme. Despite charges of violence and difficulties afflicting their relationship, her passion with Van Damme blossomed into marriage. With Van Damme, she had a second child, Nicolas Van Varenberg.

 Darcy Lapier And Her Ex-Husband Jean-Claude Van Damme.(Source: Pinterest)

Rice was shocked to learn about her romance with Claude. LaPier had not divorced her first partner and had committed bigamy, implying that her second marriage had been dissolved and that she had received no remuneration.

Even with Van Damme, their marriage was short-lived, and they divorced in 1997 after three years together. Meanwhile, she had requested and received full custody of the 2-year-old child.

She married Mark Hughes, the founder of the international conglomerate, after that. Darcy LaPier married on Valentine’s Day in 1999, while still living in his 32,000-square-foot Malibu estate. Hughes has invested $4 million in a helicopter that will transport her to their 150-foot boat. Hughes died on May 21, 2000, and their marriage came to an end.

Darcy Lapier And Her Ex-Husband Mark Hughes (Source: Pinterest)

Brian Snodgrass was her most recent husband. In 2002, the couple exchanged wedding vows. Madison is their daughter from their marriage. However, they were separated in 2010 without any explanation. To find out how much she is worth, scroll down.

Quick Facts

Birth Date June 9,1965
Full Name Dracy Lapier
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Spouse Larry Ray Robertson (1984–1993; divorced) Ron Rice (1991–1993; annulled) Jean-Claude Van Damme (1994–1997; divorced) Mark R. Hughes (1999–2000; his death) Brian Snodgrass (2002–2010; divorced
No Of Children 3
Height 168.09 cm
Networth 100000000
Religion Christian