David Akin

Quick Facts about David Akin

Full Name David Akin
Nationality Canadian
Birth Country Canada
Birth Place Canada
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Straight

Service is the only goal of journalism, and David Akin is someone who fully commits to this ideal throughout his career. The Canadian journalist makes what for some might be a difficult work appear to be a piece of cake. Without stating that he serves as Global News’ lead political correspondent, his introduction would be lacking.

 Akin achieved global fame and a massive net worth throughout the course of a career that lasted more than two decades. As a result, today we will introduce you to David Akin’s personal life, financial situation, and job.

How much is the net worth of David Akin?

David Akin doesn’t need to worry about his financial security because his profession as a journalist is secure. In particular, as of July 2020, he has a staggering net worth of $1 million. With such a sizable cash account, Akin leads a luxury lifestyle surrounded by all kinds of contemporary conveniences. Given the significant compensation received by the networks in exchange, all the struggles in the media industry seem justified.

David Akin makes an estimated $46,865 year, which also happens to be the average pay for a news correspondent for Global Network. Despite receiving a huge salary, he never thought that the desire to serve others was what drove him to enter the journalistic industry.

An Overview Of David Akin’s Journalism Career

Although David Akin is most recognized for his work as Global News’ chief political correspondent, his journey there wasn’t without its challenges. His reports are typically broadcast on Corus Radio stations around the nation on Global National and Global News programs. He has gone all around the world throughout the years to report on various events. He also covered Canadian representatives in the G7 and G20 conferences in Seoul, Perth, Uganda, and St. Petersburg, Russia.

David Akin previously worked for CTV News as a correspondent. Source: Twitter

Akin has reported from Tahrir Square during the 2011 Arab Spring, the post-9/11 terror trial, and the 2013 election of Pope Francis over the course of his three-decade career. In actuality, he worked on the National Post’s founding team and contributed to The Globe and Mail. The Canadian has moreover previously worked as the parliamentary correspondent for CTV National News.

Akin received numerous honors, including the 2017 National Newspaper Award and the Gemini Award, as a result of his extraordinary efforts and outstanding accomplishments.

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The Personal and Married Lives of David Akin

David Akin likes to keep a low profile when it comes to his personal life even though he may be very loud about his business achievements. He is married and resides in Ottawa with his cherished wife. He did not, however, provide much information regarding their wedding day or how they initially met. Akin has two gorgeous kids with his partner.

David Akin is a father of two children. Source: Twitter

Akin enjoys golfing, cross-country skiing, and stamp collecting in his spare time. Additionally, he enjoys exploring different locations across the world. He continues to be appreciative of his job, which involves traveling to various locations to report on topics.