David Bellinger

David Bellinger somehow got the limelight as executive producer, Lorena Bobbitt’s husband.

David’s wife’s life story is interesting even when you read about it on media outlets. And, now a film based on her life is set to release on May 25.

In fact, she is the narrator and executive producer of the movie “I was Lorena Bobbitt” which will premiere on May 25, 2020. She talks about her ex-husband and present husband as well in the movie.

As Lorena opens about her second marriage, people desperately want to know about her second husband too.

Who is David Bellinger’s Wife?

Lorena and David Bellinger are not legally married, despite common belief.

Lorena announced on “The Steve Harvey Show” in 2015 that she had married Bellinger, whom she regarded as her soulmate. In contrast, Bellinger never discusses the incidents that occurred between her and her ex spouse. Furthermore, she claimed that they are both raising a daughter.

Lorena Bobbit’s Husband David, photo From Oxygen

He undoubtedly displays gentlemanly attributes. She claims he treats her in a way that is appropriate and expected. Everything has been going well for me up to this point.

Despite Lorena’s frequent references to Bellinger as her husband, the two are not legally married. Despite their over two-decade partnership and shared thirteen-year-old child, this reality persists.

10 Facts About David Bellinger

  1. David Bellinger came to limelight as Lorena Bobbitt’s husband. Besides, he has kept his life pretty private on the internet.
  2. He hasn’t revealed his birthdate. Thus, his age is also not depictable and known. However, her famous wife, Lorena is now 49 years old.
  3. According to sources, David and Lorena have been in a romantic relationship for over 20 years. While some sources claim, the pair haven’t officially married each other.
  4. His height and physical appearance is a mystery until the date. Lorena hasn’t revealed a picture of her husband.
  5. Details regarding his personal life, previous relationships are also not available on the internet.
  6. David is Lorena’s second husband. She was previously married to John Wayne Bobbitt. She cut her first husband’s genital for which she had to face legal actions in 1993.
  7. As of now, David is happy with her infamous wife. And, the couple together has a daughter named Olive. Their daughter is currently 13 years old.
  8. His net worth and professional life are yet an unsolved mystery. Though Lorena is a famous media personality, her husband maintains a low key profile.
  9. You can watch how David entered Lorena’s life after her first marriage in the film, “I was Lorena Bobbitt”.
  10. He lacks a Wikipedia profile and isn’t active on social media as well.

Facts of David Bellinger

Name David Bellinger
Gender Male
Nationality American
Married/Single Married
Wife Lorena Bobbitt
Children Olive Bobbitt