David Speers Wife Liz Taggart Speers | Age, Biography, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Family, Wife, Kids, Ethnicity and More Facts

Liz Taggart-Speers, David Speers’ wife, has piqued the interest of those who want to learn more about his marriage and children. Continue reading to learn more about David Speers and his personal life.

David Gordon Speers is a well-known Australian journalist and television host. Many people recognize him as the host of ABC TV‘s famous show Insiders. He was the political editor at Sky News Australia before joining the ABC, where he hosted various shows such as PM Agenda, The Last Word, and Speers Tonight.

With over 20 years of expertise in the field of political journalism, David Gordon Speers has earned a lot of respect. Because of his broad knowledge and competence, people trust his thoughts and insights.

He has established himself as a prominent player in the industry, and his work has had a considerable impact on how politics is covered and understood in Australia.

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David Speers Wife: Meet Liz Taggart-Speers

Liz Taggart-Speers, as David Speers’ wife, frequently attracts attention due to her affiliation with the respected journalist, despite her lack of a substantial media presence of her own.

Although there is little public information about Taggart-Speers, we do know a little bit about her background and interests. She has a degree from The Australian National University, demonstrating her dedication to furthering her knowledge. She is also quite interested in historical sites, demonstrating her passion for learning about the past.

David Speers Family
David with his wife and kids. (Source: Daily Mail)

Her interest in history has led her to engage in a variety of capacities relating to the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. Despite not being in the spotlight, Liz’s position as a supporting partner to David must be acknowledged.

Behind the scenes, she plays a critical role in preserving a healthy family life, allowing David to dedicate himself to his rigorous profession in journalism.

They have built a solid foundation and are facing life’s obstacles as a united front.

Married Life of David Speers | Who is his wife?

Liz Taggart-Speers is married to well-known journalist David. Although she isn’t in the spotlight herself, she frequently draws attention because of her relationship with him.

While we don’t know much about Liz Taggart-Speers, we do know a few things about her history and interests. Liz has a degree from The Australian National University, demonstrating her dedication to higher study. She shows a keen interest in historical sites, reflecting her desire to learn about the past.

David Speers
David Speers is a family man and enjoys his time with his family. (Source: The Guardian)

Liz has worked in numerous capacities relating to history as a result of her enthusiasm, most likely contributing to the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage.

Although Liz is not well-known, her position as David Speers’ supportive partner should not be overlooked. Behind the scenes, she plays an important role in preserving a harmonious family life, allowing David to focus on his hard media work.

How many kids does David Speers have?

Matilda and Olive Speers are the proud parents of David Speers and Liz Taggart-Speers. Their first child, Matilda, was born in 2010, and Olive arrived in 2016.

They have worked together to establish a loving and nurturing home for their family. The Speers family lives in a stunning $1.83 million property in Melbourne’s upper east suburb of Alphington. Their home is a safe haven for their children to grow and prosper.

David Speers's Kids
David and his wife Liz (pictured) have two daughters, Matilda (left) and Olive (right) (Source: Daily Mail)

As a journalist and television broadcaster, David Speers has had a considerable impact on the Australian media scene. He provides insightful insights and conducts interviews with significant political personalities as the anchor of Insiders on ABC TV.