Denise Tompkins

About Candy Palmater’s Wife – Denise Tompkins Wiki / Bio

Full Real Name Denise Tompkins
Nickname Denise
Age (as of 2022) 50 years old.
Profession Manager
Date of Birth B/w 1971
Place of Birth Port Perry, Ontario
Current Residence Toronto, Ontario
Education Graduate
School Port Perry High School
College St. Clair College
Net worth Not Known
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White-American
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Languages Known English

Denise Tompkins, 50 years old and born between 1971 and 1972, is the manager of Canada’s renowned entertainment program, The Candy Show Entertainment. She became well-known because of her late wife Candy Palamater, who passed away on December 25, 2021, at the age of 53. Yes, it should be obvious from this that Denise has a home-sexual nature because she is married to a woman.

What is the net worth of Denise Tompkins?

Denise Tompkins net worth is unclear. Her partner, Candy Palmater’s net worth is estimated to be $1 Million.

Childhood and education

Wikipedia – Denise Tompkins A Canadian family gave birth to Denise, who is now 50 years old. She was born to her Canadian family in Port Perry, Ontario, somewhere around the year 1971. She is reportedly avoiding her family and doing well in the entertainment industry after coming out as a lesbian young woman. However, she spent her entire childhood with her cousin and one sister, which made for a life filled with wonderful memories.

She has one biological sister, Sharron Ann Humphrey, who is older than her, according to her Facebook profile. But whether she is her biological sister or not has yet to be determined. To further discuss Denise’s educational background, it should be noted that she graduated from Port Perry High School in 1989. Later, she enrolled at St. Clair College for a veterinary medicine diploma program, which she eventually completed in 1992. She participated in volleyball competitions during her time in college.

Family background

Families Denise ,Source ;Instagram

Although Denise’s mother and father’s identities are unknown, she has occasionally provided tidbits of information about her other family members. She claimed to be friendly with Justin Durette and Derek Palmater, her nephews. She added that her family includes Greg Hull and April Kemp, two cousins. Sara Tompkins, another of her cousins, shares the same facial characteristics as Denise. And we’ve already talked a little bit about her older sister, Sharron Ann Humphrey.

Do you know about the Denise Tompkins Work & Career?

Denise struggled a lot in life after completing her studies in 1992. She worked many menial jobs. She has only spoken about her high-profile career with media personalities; she has never mentioned her low-profile jobs between 1992 and 2005. Nobody is aware of what she was doing over those 13 years.

But let’s go on to her career years of 2006, when she first joined The Candy Shows as Director of Bookings and & Talent Relations. She used to be in charge of every show guest at that time. Denise Tompkins had complete command over the band, performers, and other staff members. She uses to satisfy each of their needs.

What is the  Relationships of Denise Tompkins?

Candy Palmater and her wife, Denise Tompkins ,Source ;Instagram

Since the year 2010, Denise and Candy Palmater have been joyfully wed. Both parties have openly discussed their relationship online. On their Instagram, Denise and Candy have posted a lot of pictures. The wife of Mrs. Denise was a prominent Canadian entertainer. Despite having a law degree, Candy, Denise’s wife, chose not to pursue a career in law and instead rose to fame as a famous comedian in the nation. The Candy Show was initially created by Candy. At her program called The Candy Palmater Show, which was broadcast on CBC Radio One in 2016, Mrs. Candy also conducted a number of interview series. But following the tragic death of her wife Candy Palmater, Denise will now live her life alone.

Cause of Candy Palmater’s Death & News

Candy Palmater, Denise’s devoted wife, passed away on December 25, 2021. Although the primary cause of her passing is not yet known, it is believed that she suffered from a rare condition termed eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA). Prior to passing away, she had returned from the hospital on December 15 after spending two weeks there.

On her Instagram, Candy posted a snapshot of herself from the hospital, in which she can be seen afflicted with medical conditions due to the two tubes in her nose, but she was also smiling joyfully at the moment. Candy, who was 53 on December 4th, uploaded a happy photo of herself from her hospital bed on her birthday in 2021.

Facts About Denise Tompkins You Should Know

  • Denise enjoys camping.
  • Snuggles is the name of her dog.
  • She enjoys drinking whiskey at night.
  • When Mrs. Denise wrote notes for her show, she used to sip coffee.
  • Denise enjoys shooting and using firearms.
  • She occasionally puffs on a cigar.
  • Denise works out for a long time.
  • She enjoys reading books.
  • Wikipedia has a listing for her wife.

Denise Tompkins’s FAQ

Denise Tompkins, who is she?

She is married to Candy Palmater, a well-known Canadian comedian.

Denise Tompkins was born when?

She was born somewhere in 1971.

What is Denise Tompkins’ age?

As of 2021, she will be 50.

How much money is Denise Tompkins worth?

Her estimated wealth is unknown.

Who is Denise Tompkins’ wife?

The name of her wife is Candy Palmater.

When did Candy Palmater, Denise Tompkins’ wife, pass away?

She passed away on December 25, 2021.

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