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Real Name

Diana Zeldin




IP Specialist


Late 30s

Date of Birth

9 December


United States


United States

Zodiac Sign






Diana Zeldin is well-known for being Lee Zeldin’s famous spouse. Diana’s husband is a politician and attorney. Additionally, he is a reserve officer in the US Army. He belongs to the Republican Party as well. Zeldin works as a specialist in intellectual property.

Living in New York are Zeldin and her husband. Despite being an expert in intellectual property, she is most known for being the wife of an attorney. She has additionally appeared in the TV show Moms. She also appeared in just one episode.

What is Diana Zeldin’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Diana Zeldin is $500,000. She might also have a wealthy source, but she hasn’t made it known to the public. Her annual salary as an IP specialist is about $103,500. Zeldin and her family enjoy an opulent lifestyle in New York City.

Zeldin may not own any real estate, but her husband does own a $1.5 million mansion in New York City. Additionally, Lee Zeldin is thought to be worth $2 million. He hasn’t yet disclosed his exact pay, though.

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What is the relationship status of Diana Zeldin?

Before getting married, Diana Zeldin and Lee Zeldin were friends for nearly a decade. The couple got hitched on January 12. Lee Zeldin is a well-known politician, but he never discusses his marriage. The pair has chosen to keep their wedding vows private from prying eyes. They tied the knot without inviting any famous people to attend.

Two daughters were bestowed upon the couple twice. Arianna Zeldin’s sister Mikayla Zeldin was born first. At the Temple, the kids attend Hebrew school. Their twin children were photographed on September 29, 2019, as their father wished them a happy 13th birthday, according to Lee’s tweets.

The pair has been residing in New York City, as was previously announced. The couple also appears content with their perfect pairing with respect to other celebrities and politicians. They pledge to uphold the terms of their marriage.

Relationship History:

Diana Zeldin hasn’t disclosed any of her prior relationships. Lee Zeldin, her husband, also keeps his feelings on their relationship to himself. Diana is an attractive woman who has at least dated an ex-boyfriend. She is also a mature woman. People think that because she is a politician’s wife, she is hesitant to discuss her previous relationships. It hasn’t been formally confirmed, though.

Zeldin has a quiet life and doesn’t use Instagram, although his husband is active on two verified profiles. Diana, on the other hand, refreshes her Facebook page. She has kept her prior affairs private, but this could change in the future. Keep checking us to find out more about Diana and Lee’s prior relationships!

Early years and education:

On December 10th, Diana Zeldin was born in the United States. Her precise birth year hasn’t been disclosed. She hasn’t stated her age, but based on the way she looks, she may be in her early 30s. Diana Diana Terry Gidish was her given name before she married With Lee, but she adopted a new last name. Her parents raised her in the United States, as well. Terry Gidish’s daughter Diana is who she is. Zeldin shielded her mother’s information from public view.

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Zeldin concealed her sibling’s information from the public as well. Likewise, little is known about her educational history. Her spouse, Lee Zeldin, on the other hand, earned a degree in political science from SUNY University. She is an American citizen, despite the fact that her ethnicity is unknown.

Physical characteristics:

It is unknown when year Diana Zeldin was born. She appears to be in her early 30s, though. She was 25, according to her Facebook status, in 2016. In addition, she must be 33 by 2023. Diana weighs 58 pounds and stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. Zeldin maintains her body by exercising, according to an evaluation of her traits. The celebrity wife’s hair and eyes are both brown.