Quick Facts

Name Dutchavelli (Steffan Allen)
Age 26 Years Old
Nationality British
Profession Rapper
Siblings Stefflon Don
Instagram @dutchavelli

Dutchavelli is a rising rapper in the UK rap industry. He is also known as the brother of Stefflon Don, a British singer and rapper.

Talking about his sister, Stefflon Don aka Stephanie Victoria Allen was known in the rap business well before Dutchavelli joined the industry. They also have an age difference of just two years.

Dutchavelli, however, never hides in the colors of his famous musician. Neither did he really appear to have helped her to grow up in the music world as a musician.

He went through challenges of his own and made his own name. As of 2020, Dutchavelli is better regarded as a rapper and recording artist than Stefflon’s brother.

Know some things about your favorite rapper in this post.

10 Facts About Dutchavelli

  1. Dutchavelli is an English rapper and musician. In 2020 he is known for his most recent album, “Bando Diaries.”
  2. Where’s the rapper coming from? Ok, he’s a native of Birmingham, the United Kingdom. His nationality is a British citizen.
  3. Talking about his biofacts, the real name of this emerging rapper is Stephen Allen.
  4. He’s a rapper and a HipHop/Pop artist. He shared the stage with several big names like “Tion Wayne,” “Stormzy,” etc.
  5. While he lacks a wiki profile of his own, his famous girlfriend, Stefflon Don, has a decorated page of his own. You will learn about her career and her accomplishments.
  6. Moving forward, Stephen aka Dutchavelli is 26 years old. His precise date of birth is definitely absent from the internet portals.
  7. He’s guaranteed to have a respectable height. Looking at his look, we might tell that he likes to eat and enjoy a chilly life.
  8. His net worth is not accessible on the Internet.
  9. Often, the rapper hasn’t officially revealed his love life yet.
  10. Dutchavelli has a verified Instagram profile of 432k followers.

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