Elena D’Amario

Elena D’Amario is an Italian dancer who came to prominence as a member of the Parsons Dance Company’s lead dancers. Let’s know more about Elena D’Amario’s life down below.

Facts of Elena D’Amario

Full Name Elena D’Amario
Nationality Italian
Date of Birth 1991/5/17
Birth Country Italy
Birth Place Pescara
Horoscope Gemini
Ethnicity Italian

How much is the net worth of Elena D’amario have in total?

Since Elena D’Amario is one of the best dancers in the world, dancing is her primary source of income. She is a superb and renowned artist. Our projections place her net worth at $1.5 million in 2022.

Elena D’Amario is posing for the photo. Image Source: Pinterest.

Elena’s spectacular performances in numerous music videos over the past few years and talent contests have propelled her to stardom. Among the many choices on this lengthy list, Free in the World (2010), I Am for You the Love of Emma Marrone, and others are just a few of the best. I do not care, an Achille Lauro song released in 2020, is featured in her most recent music video. You may also like to read the bio of Sara Facciolini.

Personal Life of Elena D’Amario

For almost ten years, Elena D’Amario has kept her private life a secret while working in the dance industry. She frequently uses social media, posting pictures to Twitter and Instagram.

Elena D’Amario is posing for the photo. Image Source: Elena D’Amario’s Instagram.

D’Amario has never been married in general. She is currently in an entirely mysterious relationship, as a result. On the other hand, Elena hasn’t hid her emotions. You may also like to read the bio of Sara Facciolini.

Is Elena D’Amario In Love With Michele Morrone?

The Friends professional dancer, who also contributes to Maria De Filippi’s ability to mentor and set an example for the students, and the actor Michele Morrone, known for his role in the sexy movie 365 days, would have started a relationship.

They were photographed by paparazzi two years ago while holding hands and holding each other. You were actually observed in 2019 sharing passionate kisses with Elena d’Amario and Michele Morrone. After that, though, the story was abandoned. In fact, the Amici dancer acknowledged that he had a hard time finding love because of his demanding lifestyle and love of dancing.

Rouba Saadeh is a graphic designer for the ELIE SAAB company and a Lebanese fashion designer and stylist. Former Italian actor, model, and singer Michele Morrone was Saadeh’s first husband. For their loved ones in 2014, Rouba and her ex-husband staged wedding celebrations in Italy and Lebanon.

In 2018, Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh ended their four-year relationship, citing infidelity as the cause. When pictures of Morrone with Italian ballet dancer Elena D’Amario appeared in an Italian newspaper, he was charged with cheating on Saadeh.

Early Years of Elena D’Amario

Italian dancer and choreographer Elena D’Amario was born on June 17, 1990, in Pescara. Regarding his early years, including his age, parents, and siblings, Elena has kept everyone in the dark.

Elena D’Amario’s old photo when she was 5 years old. Image Source: Elena D’Amario’s Instagram.

After graduating from high school, Elena moved permanently to the United States, though she kept dancing professionally at the school where she started her career in Italy. You may also like to read the bio of Sara Facciolini.

Career of Elena D’amario

In 2008, Elena D’Amario made her television debut on Rita Dalla Chiesa’s program Il ballo delle debutanti. Elena was a part of the pop band that took first place in the talent show. Then, as choreographer Steve La Chance had hoped, she participated in the ninth iteration of Amici di Maria De Filippi. She was a member of the moon team in the morning and the blue team in the evening, and she nearly made it to the finals thanks to her friend Enrico Nigiotti, who had successfully advanced after withdrawing from the challenge she was up against.


Elena had the distinction of performing alongside two PDO dancers in one of the episodes, and PDO founder David Parsons decided to allow her to join his company, where she performed until 2019. After joining the company, she left for New York and started her world tours.

In 2015, D’Amario made a brief trip back to Italy and went on to succeed as a broadcasting professional. She has been employed by Amici di Maria De Filippi as a professional dancer and choreographer since 2015. One of the most prestigious honors in the dance and theater sector, the Clive Barnes Prizes, nominated her in 2017. You may also like to read the bio of Sara Facciolini.

Elena D’Amario with Enrico Nigiotti

Enrico Nigiotti and her first crossed paths at the Amici talent competition. Enrico decides not to vote against Elena in the televoting for either the first love or the elimination, allowing her to stay on the show.

Elena D’Amario is performing on the stage. Image Source: Elena D’Amario’s Instagram.

Professional dancer Elena D’Amario is a member of Amici 20. She stands up for the girl’s dancing skills while the student Rosa Di Grazia performs the choreography created by the teacher Celentano. You may also like to read the bio of Sara Facciolini.