Elisa Montero – Footballer Lionel Scaloni’s Wife Elisa’s Age, Bio, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Kids and Facts

Elisa Montero (born 1979, age 43) is a famous wife and former volleyball player. She is well known as the wife of retired football player Lionel Scaloni.

Elisa Montero’s Biography, Wiki and Quick Facts

Full Real Name Elisa Montero Scaloni
Nickname Elisa
Popular for Being the Spouse of Lionel Scaloni
Language English
School Name Local High School.
University Private University
Education Graduate
Profession Former Volleyball player
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Nationality Italian/Spanish/American
Ethnicity Italian/Spanish
Net worth $550k USD
Age (as of 2022) 43 years old.
Date of Birth In 1979
Place of Birth Andalusia, Spain.
Current Residence Argentine America
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Nationality Italian/Spanish/American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Italian/Spanish
Sister Not Known
Brother Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Father Name Not Known
Parent-In-Law Eulalia Scaloni & Angel Scaloni
Relationship Status Married
Marital Status Married
Husband Name Lionel Sebastián Scaloni (Lionel Scaloni)
Children Son- Ian Scaloni & Noah Scaloni
Daughter– None
Boyfriend’s Name Lionel Sebastián Scaloni (Lionel Scaloni)
Social Media Accounts Instagram

Elisa Montero has been married to Lionel for a long time. Her husband now works as a coach for the Argentina National Team. Argentina won the 2022 World Cup thanks to the efforts of Lionel Scaloni. Elisa’s husband has earned a lot of recognition for preparing his side to win the World Cup in 2022.

Elisa receives numerous distinctions as a result of her husband’s prominence in the world of athletics. Her spouse has also managed a number of teams, including Argentina. Messi’s coach became one of the most trending personalities on the internet after he scored two goals in his Fifa World Cup 2022 debut.

Lionel Scaloni’s wife has been searched for due to his celebrity. Allow us to provide you with detailed information about Elisa Montero.

How much is the Net Worth and Salary of Elisa Montero?

If we start with Elisa Montero’s husband’s wages, he is a millionaire who earns a lot of money from his job. On the other hand, Elisa is employed as a housewife. Elisa’s net worth is low due to her non-earning employment. Her net worth today is estimated to be at $550,000 USD.


Biography and Wiki os Elisa Montero

Elisa Montero was born in Andalusia, Spain, according to some concealed details about her. Her year of birth is 1979. Elisa, who is now 43 years old, has never mentioned education. No information about her career, like that of her spouse Lionel Scaloni, is available to the media.

She is said to have played volleyball for her high school and college teams. We are fairly certain, however, that as the wife of Argentina Coach Elisa, she is a well-educated lady.

Lionel Scaloni and his wife Elisa
Elisa Montero Scaloni is the wife of Professional Footballer Lionel Scaloni, Image Via: NewsUnzip.

Ethnicity, Family, and Siblings

After marrying Lionel Scaloni, Elisa Montero became more linked to his parents than to her own mother and father. Elisa now does everything from little to major for her in-laws. Mr. Eulalia Scaloni is her father-in-law, and Mrs. Angel Scaloni is her mother-in-law. Elisa also had a close relationship with her only sibling-in-law, Mauro Scaloni. Mauro Scaloni, her brother-in-law, is a football player.

Elisa Monter's Relationship
Elisa Montero’s Friend, Image Via: NewsUnzip

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Lionel Scaloni and Elisa Montero’s Marriage

Elisa Montero and Lionel Scaloni met for the first time in 2008. Their initial meeting caused them to fall in love.

Lionel Scaloni met his wife Elisa for the first time in 2008 while playing football for Mallorca. Elisa traveled to Rome with Lionel Scaloni after they accepted each other. They then enter into a live-in relationship. Ian Scaloni, their first child, was born in 2012. Elisa then became pregnant for the second time, giving birth to Noah Scaloni in May 2016.

Ekusa;s Husband
Lionel Sebastián Scaloni (Lionel Scaloni), Husband of Elisa

Elisa and Lionel Scaloni opted to live as a married couple after having two children. Their wedding took place on May 19, 2018.

Elisa's Husband Lionel with Kids
Lionel Scaloni, Ian Scaloni, and Noah Scaloni

“At 29 I was left with an injury after the World Cup. I signed a contract with Lazio. I came from playing ten years in Spain and 6 months later, they called me to play in Mallorca… That’s where I met my wife,” Scaloni had told in an interview.

Children – Son and Daughter Profession

We learned about Elisa Montero’s career from one of the sources that she was a Volleyball player who formerly played for her high school and college teams. However, she had never played professionally. She is no longer working outside the home.

Her husband, on the other hand, is a sports superstar. Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup thanks to her husband Lionel Scaloni’s excellent administration and coaching.

Elisa Montero's Kids
Elisa’s Husband Lionel Sebastián Scaloni with kids, Image Via: NewsUnzip

Lionel, her husband, began playing football in 1995 and continued to play professionally until 2015. He scored 25 goals during his career. Lionel was appointed as Argentina’s Assistant Coach for the first time in 2018.

Elisa Montero Facts You Should Know

  • Elisa’s spouse stands at 6 feet tall.
  • Wikipedia has recognized her husband.
  • She attends several Argentina international matches.
  • She and her husband, Mr. Lionel, have gone to some of the most beautiful cities in the world in recent years.
  • Her husband used to be a right-handed midfielder.
  • During the pandemic, she lived in peace with her husband, who was imprisoned in the Mallorcan mansion.

Q & A

Who is Elisa Montero?

Elisa is the wife of the 2022 FIFA World Cup winner team Argentina’s coach Lionel Scaloni.

How old is Elisa Montero?

Elisa is only 43 years old as of 2023.

Why is Elisa Montero famous?

She is famous due to her husband’s position as the coach and manager of the Argentina football team.