Eve Barlow

Eve Barlow is a music journalist who has worked for NME and as a freelancer for a number of publications. Eve has worked hard to get her message of advocacy out to many readers, as she has gained many young readers through her music stories. She has been known to educate her followers on a variety of topics, including the Jewish community, anti-Semitism, feminism, diversity, and others. She has also brought the matter to the attention of major outlets such as CNN.

What is the networth of Eve Barlow ?

Eve Barlow has   net worth is projected to be in the thousands as of 2021.


Eve Barlow was born in Scotland on October 21. She is in her thirties and has not revealed her birth year. She, too, is a British citizen who belongs to the Scottish Jewish race. In 2008, she graduated from University College London with a master’s degree.

Professional life and career

Eve began her career in media by applying for internships. Eve, on the other hand, did not work for large news companies and instead attended numerous events. She planned to snap photos and conduct brief backstage interviews at the event, which she would subsequently post on Tumblr. This attracted the attention of a London-based magazine, which offered her an internship.

Eve Barlow is a Music Journalist and Activist.

She later became the deputy editor of NME, but departed in 2014 to relocate to Los Angeles. Eve’s workaholic temperament got the best of her, despite her desire to take a break. She has worked as a freelancer in the United States for many years, publishing many magazines. She’s done a lot of interviews and written about a lot of different musicians. She has also utilized her platform to raise awareness to a variety of social concerns, including LGBTQ+, feminism, diversity, and others.

Relationship status

As Eve’s fame grows, many of her admirers and followers wonder about her relationship, eager to know if she has someone important by her side. When it comes to her relationships, Eve, on the other hand, hasn’t been that forthcoming. She identifies as a queer woman and has been an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

Eve Barlow is possibly single.

Eve, on the other hand, has not mentioned having a companion. Her social media accounts also make no mention of her dating life. She appears to be quite busy with her profession and, as a result, may not have had time to date. As a result, until Eve says otherwise, we assume she is unmarried.

Family background

Eve was born to George Barlow, her father. Her father is a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) who works for the National Health Service. Her father also plays a significant part in her musical passion. While Eve has not revealed her mother’s name, she has celebrated Mother’s Day by highlighting her on social media. The journalist was raised in a conventional Jewish neighborhood.

Body measurements

Eve has not revealed her body’s statistical measurements. However, based on the photos, we can deduce that the musical journalist is of ordinary height and has a thin and attractive body. Her blonde hair and grey eyes complete her appearance.

Eve Barlow Wikis

REAL NAME Eve Barlow
BIRTHDAY October 21
ETHNICITY Scottish Jewish
NET WORTH In Thousands
PARENTS George Barlow