Faron Salisbury

Faron Salisbury is an American actor, stunt performer, assistant director, and producer who began with acting and eventually began to use his other skills in other areas. Here is information about the celebrity’s marital life, net worth, and childhood.

Quick Facts

Full Name Faron Salisbury
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1970/1/1
Birth Country The United States of America
Birth Place Essex Junction, Vermont
Horoscope Capricorn
Father Name Jeff Salisbury
Mother Name Marilyn Salisbury

Net worth and Career of Faron Salisbury

Stunt performer, actor, assistant director, and producer Faron Salisbury is also a producer. He is well known for his work in the movies Blindspot, Anomy, After Earth, and Jackie Boy (2015). The now-52-year-old started his career in the entertainment business as an actor in 2012 before branching out into other aspects of the business.

In 2012, the TV show Documentary Mysteries at the Museum marked the start of the actor’s acting career. He has additionally appeared in a few other TV documentaries, such as American Genius, Redrum, and Celebrity Ghost Stories. Additionally, he has made numerous television appearances, including those in Gotham, The Perfect Murder, Daredevil, Bull, Billions, and Outsiders.

Faron Salisbury on the sets. Photo Source: Instagram

Faron has additionally starred in a number of movies, including Janie Charismanic, Bout That Life, Reunion 108, After Earth, Construction, and After Earth. Beyond the Rush, Jackie Boy, Saw 34, My Cross to Bear, and A Life for a Life are just a few of the short films he has acted in. He has performed stunts in the movies Believe, Limitless, Gotham, and Daredevil.

On Jackie Boy and Tapestry, Salisbury served as an assistant director. He also served as a producer on Saw 34 and Tapestry. The actor has been coy up until now about his net worth. However, sources assert that he has an estimated net worth of $800,000 based on his employment. you may also like Ntare Mwine.

Marital Status of Faron Salisbury

Father and married man, Faron Salisbury has two children. He and Mindy Sarner have a happy marriage. Very little is known about Mindy because she is not a well-known figure in the media. No information regarding the couple’s marriage or how they met has been made public.

Faron Salisbury and his wife, Mindy Sarner. Photo Source: Instagram

One son was born to the couple on July 2, 2018. Their young child’s name is Soren Grey Philips. When talking about his family, Faron doesn’t hold back. He frequently updates his Instagram account with pictures of his small family. you may also like Ntare Mwine.

Early Years and Childhood

On January 1st, 1970, Faron Salisbury was born. He was raised in the American town of Essex Junction, Vermont, where he was born. Jeff and Marilyn Salisbury gave birth to him. His father, Jeff, has been a jazz and rock drummer all of his life. His mother, Marilyn, on the other hand, is a painter, author, and actress. He is the only child of his parents.

Faron Salisbury with his father, Jeff Salisbury. Photo Source: Instagram

Salisbury completed his high school education at a nearby high school. If he continued his education and enrolled in college, it is unknown. Since he was young, he had been interested in acting, so he enrolled in the William Esper Studio Inc, a drama school in New York. He developed his acting skills there.

The late William Esper, the founder of the William Esper Studio, taught the now 52-year-old how to use the Meisner technique. He also studied stage combat and mixed martial arts, which helped him later in his career as a stunt performer. After that, he started working in the entertainment sector. you may also like Ntare Mwine.