Frederic Fekkai

Frenchman Frederic Fekkai is a well-known celebrity hairstylist and businessman in the beauty sector. Six salons are located in New York, Palm Beach, and other cities by international fashion icon Frédéric. He became well-known once he began styling hair for magazine covers and catwalks.

Quick Facts

Full Name Frederic Fekkai
Nationality French
Date of Birth 1958/2/14
Birth Country France
Birth Place Aix-en-Provence
Horoscope Aquarius
Sexual Orientation Straight

He is also recognized as the spouse of Shirin von Wulffen, the other co-founder of Bastide. The duo are well-known in the beauty sector for their outstanding work.

How much is the net worth of Frederic Fekkai in 2022?

A $2 million estimate for Frederic Fekkai’s net worth has been made. However, net worth is a dynamic concept that is susceptible to quick change. His income, properties, and assets are included in his net worth. He has achieved this enormous level of riches by working hard and dedicating himself to his vocation.

His work as a hairstylist is his main source of income. He is thought of as a celebrity hairdresser. He has styled a number of well-known models. In addition, he is the proprietor of six salons in places like New York, Palm Beach, and others.

Shirin von Wulffen and her husband Frederic Fekkai posing in their car Source: Instagram @fredericfekkai

The celebrity hairdresser also owns the Fekkai and Bastide business. He makes a hair care product of his own. He has seen a large increase in his bank account as a result of this. In addition, Shirin, his wife, is a partner in their business and makes a respectable income.

Thus, it may be concluded that the pair has an opulent and convenient existence. You may also like to read the latest bio of Salma Hayek.

Early Years

In 1958, Frederic was conceived. His parents brought him up in the French town of Aix-en-Provence. Every year on February 14th, the famous hairdresser celebrates his birthday. He hasn’t spoken a lot about his upbringing.

Frederic Fekkai looking sharp in business attire

His national identity is his citizenship in France. Regarding his religious convictions, Frederic has not yet made them known. He is a member of the White ethnicity. Modern astrologers claim that He was born under the Aquarius zodiac sign.

College Life

Frederic is a knowledgeable individual. He has learned things from both his official education and life experiences. Speaking of his academic career, he has kept both the course he pursued and the specifics of his educational background a secret.

He must have attended a neighborhood school in his hometown like the majority of people for his primary schooling. He does have talent, though. You may also like to read the latest bio of Salma Hayek.

Physical Appearances

Frederick has a good physique and is beautiful. He has kept up his physical look, giving the impression that he is younger than he actually is. His brown hair and dark, alert eyes are admired. He is well-built and stands tall, and he hasn’t put on too much weight.

The celebrity hairstylist has not made any mention of his physical characteristics or measurements. This pertains to his biceps, clothing size, shoe size, etc. Perhaps Frederick feels uncomfortable disclosing this information. He doesn’t appear to have any tattoos or body piercings.

Family of Frederick Fekkai

Frederick keeps a lot of information regarding his personal life private. He doesn’t enjoy that people can see into his personal life. When the subject of his family history is brought up, he is infamous for keeping his mouth shut. It is still unknown who the actor’s parents are. He has also not revealed anything that would indicate whether he has a sibling.

However, it can be argued that his family helped to mold his future and gave him the required love, care, and support. He had a prosperous background.

Relationship Status of Frederick Fekkai

Shirin von Wulffen is currently Frederic Fekkai’s wife. Unlike most celebrities, he has not kept the details of his relationships a secret. The couple, however, has kept their first encounter and how they got to know one another a secret. They both have a passion for style, elegance, and design.

Frederic Fekkai and his husband Shirin von Wulffen Source: Instagram @svwulffen

The majority of fans are curious about the romantic relationships of their favorite stars. Sadly, they haven’t provided many specifics. The pair is content with their relationship, and their arguments haven’t garnered any media attention.

Frederick is also rumored to be romantically involved with another woman. Before he married Shirin, he was already married. He is also straight in terms of sexual orientation. You may also like to read the latest bio of Salma Hayek.

Shirin von Wulffen is the wife of Frederick Fekkai

Bastide was co-founded by Shirin. Shirin and Frederick both have a passion for the fashion and cosmetics industries. After moving to New York City, she started working for Tom Ford as the director of communications at Saint Laurent. She runs her own business.

She was born in Iran and then traveled to Germany and Italy before settling in New York City, to speak of her personal life. Although she is descended from Germans.


The proud father of two kids, Frederic. He has a beautiful daughter named Cecilia and a handsome son named Philip as a result of his many years of marriage to his wife Shirin. The couple hasn’t made many details about their kids public, though.

It is safe to conclude that his children are in school based on their age. They presumably are receiving a good education. The hairdresser’s wife and they are the only ones supporting their kids. He has a son from a prior marriage in addition to this.

Career Highlights

Frederic Fekkai is a gifted individual. His career improved after he relocated to New York City. In order to pursue greater job possibilities, he relocated to New York.

Frederic Fekkai and his hairstyling profession Source: Instagram @fredericfekka

He began working as a hairstylist. However he did the hair for the models who appeared on magazine covers and catwalks. He eventually launched his own two saloons after some time had passed. Then he launched his own line of hair care products, opening one in New York and the other in Los Angeles.

Numerous well-known models, including Kim Basinger, Jessica Lange, Sigourney Weaver, Claudia Schiffer, Debra Messing, and Renée Zellweger, as well as Hillary Clinton, have had their hair styled by the celebrity hairstylist.

He and his wife Shirin relaunched the Bastide brand and are the owners of the Fekkai brand. Fekkai splits his time between New York City and Paris.

Social Media Presence /Instagram , Twitter

Frederic uses social media rather frequently. He has turned on his account on popular social media sites including Twitter and Instagram. And he updated his social media to share information about himself and to connect with his family and friends.

He may be followed on Instagram at @fredderickfekkai.. On Instagram, he has amassed more than 11k followers. On this platform, he interacts with his loved ones and shares both personal and professional events.

similarly, has a Twitter account for his brand Fekkai but does not have a personal one. Its handle is @fekkai.

Sports hobby

Football is Frederic’s favorite sport, and he enjoys watching it. He was there in the Mexico City stadium for the 1996 World Cup. His ability to witness Diego Maradona score the “hand of God” goal is among his fondest memories.

The famous hairstylist has not, however, named his favorite football team or player.

animal lover

One of those persons that loves and takes good care of their pet is Frederic. Along with him, Frederic is raising a lot of dogs. It has a chocolate body that makes it look extremely adorable. Whenever he has free time, he spends it with dogs and shows affectionate feelings for them.

Photos of him spending time with his family and dogs can frequently be found in his Instagram posts.