Gabriel Jacob-Cross

The actor is Gabriel Jacob-Cross. He is a child actor who is very famous for his work at a young age. He’s already done a lot of work at an early age.

He has made his name in the industry with the works he has done and seen to date. Its beauty and atmosphere have captured the hearts of millions of people. Although he’s just a boy, he’s very centered, and he’s also very enthusiastic.

Recently in 2020, he has created three new projects that have earned a great deal of love and popularity. Where a lot of praise was paid to his acting skills.

10 Facts about Gabriel Jacob-Cross:

1. Actor Gabriel Jacob-Cross is 8 years old, but his precise date of birth and birthday is uncertain.
2. His height, weight and body dimensions, etc., are few facts about him that his fans have yet to discover.
3. Roger Cross and Josephine Jacob are his guardians. Many of his followers have always said that he has a handful of his acting skills in his blood, since both his parents are actors.
4. Not just his parents, but also his dog, Kaniel Jacob-Cross, is an actress.
5. His technical information can be found on IMDb. We hear from IMDb that he’s been part of 8 projects to date.
6. Since he’s still a child, his Instagram account is managed by his parents. We will find it on Instagram under the user id @gabrieljacobcross.
7. He is affiliated with Premier Talent Management and Vault Entertainment.
8. Any of his works enjoyed by people are Legion, InBetween, A Christmas Miracle, Man in the High Castle, Snowpiercer, Trendy Yours, etc.
9. One of his Big Sky projects is expected to be released in 2020 and is currently in the pre-production process.
10. While his biography is not on Wikipedia, his parent’s biography is available on Wikipedia.

Facts of Gabriel Jacob-Cross

Name Gabriel Jacob-Cross
Age 8
Gender Male
Profession Actor
Parents Roger Cross and Josephine Jacob
Siblings 1
Instagram @gabrieljacobcross