Gayle Godfrey

Gayle Godfrey is the ex-wife of Billy Blanks, an American fitness guru. Godfrey made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as the first American fitness guru. Following her, Blanks is currently married to Tomoko Sato.

What is Gayle Godfrey’s Ex-Husband’s Net Worth?

Despite the fact that Gayle Godfrey is a fitness guru, she has no other identities save being the wife of a prominent guy named Billy. As a result, no exact information about her salary or net worth is available.

Her ex-husband Billy’s net worth is estimated to be over $30 million, according to sources. His net worth is the result of his work as a fitness trainer, actor, and martial artist.

Similarly, her son Billy Blank Jr., a martial artist and fitness coach, has a combined net worth of $5 million with his wife Sharon. Despite the fact that she has divorced her husband Billy, she appears to be living a very happy and lavish life. Furthermore, because her ex-husband Billy has such a large net worth, she may have received a substantial sum of money during the divorce proceedings.

Personal Life of Gayle Godfrey after Divorce with Billy:

Gayle was previously married, as previously stated. But, for the time being, she is divorced from her husband Billy and living on her own. Billy Blank, Gayle’s first spouse, was married to her in 1974.

Gayle’s ex-husband with his present wife and daughter (Source: Japan Today)

The couple is claimed to have met for the first time while participating in martial arts training. It didn’t take them long to date and married each other because they were in the same profession.

Shelly Blanks, the couple’s adopted daughter, was born on October 13, 1973. Following that, the couple had a son named Billy Blanks Jr., who is now a dancer, fitness instructor, and even actor. They were enthralled by the prospect of falling in love and starting a family together.

They had been together for a long time. However, as time went by, Billy began to have an adulterous relationship with another girl, which led to their divorce in 2008.

Gayle was left with the memories of a 33-year marriage that ended in 33 minutes. Billy married Tomoko Sato not long after that. Furthermore, prior to their marriage in 2008, the couple had a daughter named Angelika. Gayle, on the other hand, remained alone after that.

Fame Being Celebrity Ex-Wife; Not By Her Profession:

There is no information regarding Gayle’s career or occupation because she is only known for her spouse and now for her son.

However, like her ex-husband Billy, she was considered to be a fitness guru. Looking at this, it’s clear that she, like her husband, may have been successful. However, because she is no longer married to Billy, we assume she is also running her own fitness center.

Gayle with her husband (Source: Who’s Dated Who)

In terms of her ex-husband Billy, he is a well-known fitness expert who has gained not only name but also reputation as a fitness guru and actor. Similarly, her son Billy Blank Jr. has followed in his parents’ footsteps and has established himself as a well-known dancer, fitness instructor, and actor.

Facts of Gayle Godfrey

Full Name: Gayle Godfrey
Gender: Female
Profession: Fitness Guru
Country: United States
Divorce Billy Blank(1974-2008)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Status Single
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Kids Shelly Blank, Billy Blank Jr.