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Greg Kretschmar

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Greg Kretschmar






Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire, United States


United States



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  • Photographer

  • Journalist



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American photographer and journalist Greg Kretschmar is well-known for his work in capturing and chronicling numerous events and tales. He was born in Somersworth, New Hampshire’s Strafford County.

What is the Net Worth of Greg Kretschmar?

Greg Kretschmar has a $2.5 million net worth. His lucrative work as a journalist and photographer is his main source of income.

Kretschmar reportedly makes $74,000 a year in compensation. His numerous photography jobs, publications, exhibitions, and literary endeavors provide him with this revenue.

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Career of Greg Kretschmar:

Greg Kretschmar began his career as a journalist and photographer when he was a young man. He has been actively engaged in these disciplines for a number of years, and his effort has brought him success.

Kretschmar has photographed a wide variety of subjects while traveling widely. His photography is renowned for its distinct viewpoint, capacity to evoke emotion, and genuineness. His art has been displayed in exhibitions and featured in a number of publications.

In his years as a journalist, Kretschmar has written for newspapers and publications on a variety of subjects, including travel, culture, and current events. His prose is acclaimed for its captivating and provocative nature.

For both his photography and journalism, Kretschmar has won numerous accolades over the course of his career. His articles have been well read and regarded, and his images have appeared in photography books.

Kretschmar is passionate about nature in addition to his professional endeavors, and his photography frequently features aspects of the natural environment. He keeps looking for inspiration in his surroundings and researches intriguing new topics for his artwork.

Physical Appearance:

Greg Kretschmar is 179 centimeters (5 feet, 8 inches) tall. His striking appearance is further enhanced by his mesmerizing black eyes and distinctive white hair. His physical characteristics support his captivating and charismatic presence in the photography and journalism industries.

Is Greg Kretschmar dating?

Valerie and Greg Kretschmar have a happy marriage. The couple has been together for a while and has a close relationship. They aid one another in both their professional and personal interests. Greg frequently expresses his thanks for having Valerie by his side and loves the love and companionship he has found in his marriage. Together, they successfully handle life’s pleasures and difficulties, forging a satisfying and encouraging relationship.

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Greg Kretschmar is an established and competent journalist and photographer, to sum up. He has established a reputation in the field thanks to his distinctive viewpoint and capacity to portray unfiltered emotion. He has had his art acknowledged and included in numerous publications and shows, and he still challenges the limits of his craft. Greg’s writing and photography both demonstrate his love of the outdoors and commitment to good storytelling. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he is a contented husband who loves the affection and support of his wife, Valerie. Greg Kretschmar will surely have a significant impact on the fields of journalism and photography with his continuous passion and commitment.