How did OJ Simpson lose a civil suit over the deaths of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown when he was acquitted of the murders in the trial? Net worth 2023, Age, Education, Career, Family, Bio, Wiki

Quick Facts

Full name Ronald Lyle Goldman
Nickname Ron Goldman
Birthday July 2, 1968
Death June 12, 1994
Sun Sign Cancer
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tattoo Inked an “Ankh” on his shoulder.
Nationality American
Parents Fred Goldman,
Sharon (Fohrman) Rufo
Siblings Kim Goldman
Marital status Single
Religion Judaism
Height 1.85 m (6 feet 1 inch)
Ethnicity Jewish
Eye color Light brown
Favorite sports Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Rollerblading, Nightclubbing, Tennis, soccer
Fashion style Formal style – Light Stripped shirts, Printed tie, Trendy canvas and Baseball cap, headband, flannel shirts over round neck white t-shirts for informal style.

As fragile as life is, sometimes it leaves you with unresolved mysteries. The unfinished stories and the vexing misery of “not knowing” arises diverse perspectives towards a single name. Ron Goldman is one of those names that has not cooled down for more than two decades.

After a long time, the silver jubilee of the “trial of the century” has been evoked with the ten parts podcast series released by Kim Goldman, Ron’s sister.

The Murder of Nicole and Ron is a televised case that involved almost everything, including crime, racism, and prejudice. This issue has forced every head in the tug of war to imprint the name “Ron” forever in our memories.

How much was the Net worth of Ron Goldman?

If Ron Goldman had lived, he would have become famous as “an American Waiter” in his final days and by 2019 his net worth would be between one and five million dollars. In line with

Early Years: Where was Ron Goldman born?

Ron Rufo, the first child of Fred Goldman and Sharon (Fohrman) Rufo, was born on July 2, 1968. He was a tiny but healthy boy.  His temperament was more free-spirited, and he had a completely positive outlook on life. He was also enjoyable to be around. Fred, Sharon, and Child Goldman, along with Ron Goldman’s parents and sister, during a court hearing.

Ron Goldman was born and raised in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, a neighborhood of Chicago, and spent the majority of his formative years there with his younger sister Kim Goldman. He was the room’s clown and liked to play tennis and soccer. Ron experienced a challenging upbringing as the kid of a single parent.

He was only six years old when his parents divorced in 1974. He must have been a ferocious buddy, a loving son, and a guarding brother all his life, having walked over by their mother. Ron briefly lived with his mother before moving in with his father and sister. When Ron was 18 years old, Fred remarried to Patti Glass and the family moved to Southern California to reside. Currently, Fred resides in Arizona.

Ron Goldman with his father and sister
Ron Goldman with his father and sister. Via


His personality and academics were affected in the long run by the separation. Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois, was the high school he attended. His studies were later disrupted when he was forced to move with his family to Southern California.

In order to raise him in a close-knit family, his father was as nurturing and loving as possible, and they shared everything. The grieving sister remembers how her brother protected her and made sure no harm came close to her. When they were teenagers, he was a brave big brother who rescued his terrified sister from a car accident and travelled in the ambulance to the hospital with her.

They had a close bond that became deeper with time. Ron took great delight in looking after his sister more than anything else, according to his father. To ask Kim out, any guy had to go via Ron. They are the memories that, to this day, give the grieving family strength and bravery.

Kim confided all her worries and secrets to Ron because of his attractive physique, affable demeanor, brilliant grin, and protective temperament. Ron was also Kim’s only sibling and would go above and beyond to assist those in need.

Who is the Father of Ron Goldman: Fred Goldman?

Ron Goldman’s dad is Fred Goldman. In addition, Fred Goldman is a producer and director from the US. Following his divorce from his wife in 1974, Chicago-area businessman Fred Goldman raised his daughter Kim and son Ron by himself. As with Nicole Brown Simpson, Fred Goldman was also horrified and devastated to learn of his son’s murder.

What were the Relationships and Dating History of Ron Goldman?

After his passing, tabloid rumors about his romantic relationship with Nicole Brown became widely circulated. There is no conclusive proof that the rumors are accurate, although friends and relatives dispute this. Six months before to their deaths, Ron met Nicole when he borrowed her Lamborghini to meet his friend Craig Clark for lunch, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Ron allegedly mentioned borrowing a car, but he didn’t identify her as his girlfriend, according to Craig. Friends claimed that they were in a platonic relationship. Yet when they continued to hang out together for things like dance, coffee, and supper, their connection deepened.

Three months before he passed away, Ron and Jacqui Bell broke up after dating for almost two years. Ron has good relationships with his family and friends. He told them everything about his romantic life. He was not, however, the “secret dating” sort.

What was the Professional Career of Ron Goldman?

Ron was unable to conform to any mold. He may have had a variety of employment throughout his brief 25-year existence for this reason. When he was younger, he volunteered to aid disadvantaged kids and worked as a camp counselor. He enrolled in a psychology degree at Illinois State University for a semester after graduating from high school in 1986.

Then, when he was eighteen years old, he moved with his family to Southern California and joined the fraternity Pledge Sigma Nu. He studied for a while at Pierce College while residing in Los Angeles, where he also worked as a job headhunter and tennis coach. For Barry Zeldes, he had a run of waiter and modeling gigs.

He was the proprietor of the store Z90049, the manager of the “Tripps” restaurant bar in Century City, a promoter of events, and even a contestant on the short-lived game show Studs in 1992. Before passing away, he obtained his emergency medical technician license but chose not to follow that line of work.

He was employed as a waiter at the Brentwood restaurant Mezzaluna Trattoria in his final days. Ron had a suitable disposition for the restaurant industry as the son of an estate agent and salesperson. In the latter months of his life, he wished to establish an ankh-themed restaurant and bar in the Brentwood neighborhood. It is an ancient Egyptian sign for “everlasting life.”

Ron Goldman | Sister Accident

Kim Goldman claimed that Simpson approached her car one day in 1996 as Goldman’s murderer. Kim Goldman had the ability to murder him right now, but she chose not to. She clarified. “At the time, I never thought I could be described as a ‘avenger’ or a ‘assassin,’ but they were.

He Fought Till Death

Ron received a call from Nicole Brown Simpson, the ex-wife of former NFL player and media personality O.J. Simpson, a few weeks before he turned 26. Nicole had dinner with her mother earlier that evening at the establishment where Ron worked. Her mother unintentionally misplaced her sunglasses, which is unfortunate.

Ron didn’t serve them; instead, he looked for the glasses and discovered them in a gutter on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. Ron and Nicole, a stunning blonde, got along well. She found it simple to relate to him because she used to be a waitress. On his way home from work, he agreed to leave the glasses at her house.

At 9:33, Ron left the bar after spending fifteen minutes there and went to his Brentwood apartment. He had a quick conversation with his roommate, who also worked there, and they decided to go out later that evening. Ron was unsuccessful. Ron was later located by police shortly after midnight.

In Nicole’s residence in Los Angeles, he was discovered dead close to her body. Police concluded that he must have come shortly after Nicole’s death on June 12, 1994, as they pieced together the facts. When Nicole’s Akita named “Kato” began to howl repeatedly while bearing a bloodstain on his belly and neck, the neighbors were informed.

They filed a police report. Nicole, age 35, was found dead in the walk-away hallway by the police, while Ron was found nearby in a bush. Fred learned of the passing of his cherished son through a phone call from the coroner’s office. Kim collapsed to the ground in sorrow when he conveyed the heartbreaking news to her. Sadly, they were informed that their son was the “second victim” in Nicole Brown’s murder case.

According to witnesses, he was shouting, fighting back, and doing everything he could to save her. Ron attempted to stop the attack as Nicole was slashed across the neck and stabbed 12 times. In his autopsy, more than 25 stab wounds were found.

Ron’s Fame As The “Other Victim”

The main suspect in the crime was O.J. Simpson. With the horrible crime’s verdict highlighting a famous person as the defendant and his ex-wife as the victim, Ron Goldman became the “other victim” at the scene.

The hoopla surrounding the news that “Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were killed” was heavily geared towards the star of color, racial prejudice still present in society, and numerous other factors that kept the “other victim” out of the spotlight.

Ron was an innocent bystander who simply mistimed his arrival and departure. He was a victim because he went to prevent and assist rather than run away. After a nearly one-year televised trial, Simpson was declared innocent in 1995. With all of their legal resources, Fred and Kim persisted in their legal protest against Simpson.

Ronald Lyle Goldman (1968-1994) - Find a Grave Memorial
Ronald Lyle Goldman (1968-1994) Via Find a Grave

During a civil trial in 1997, in which Simpson was judged responsible for the victims’ wrongful deaths and given a $33.5 million fine, the case of national fascination resurfaced. The jury’s verdict did not satisfy Ron’s family. The “Dream team of attorneys,” who believed the subject was guilty, were still successful in releasing him.

For years, they relentlessly pursued Simpson and put moral pressure on him. After Simpson was jailed in Nevada for robbery and kidnapping in 2007 and released on parole in October 2017 in Las Vegas, his case was once again brought to attention. As a result, Ron was a topic of conversation nonstop for more than 20 years.

The O.J. Simpson Story, If I Did It, and Russ Russo’s portrayal of Ron in “Reenactment of the Century,” along with the publication of books like His Name is Ron: Our Search for Justice (1997) and If I Did It: Confessions of a Killer (2007), added gasoline to the effect of tailing. Confronting O. J. Simpson, a podcast in which Kim spoke with key players in the infamous Ron Goldman case and jury members, revived media interest in the case.


Ron’s relationship with Nicole was the subject of the first controversy in his life, which was later dismissed for a lack of convincing proof. The major debate of his life concerned whether or not the evidence that Simpson was guilty was taken into account. As a result, OJ was free and found not guilty throughout the trial.

Ron’s third controversy is still raging. Kim and Fred are using his name after his passing to defraud Simpson of money. Kim is allegedly described by some important witnesses in the case who were close to Simpson as having mental trauma gold diggers.

Goldman’s Charity After Death

Although Ron did not personally raise money for any cause, the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice, which received a share of the sales of the book If I did it, has been working to support the rights of victims and survivors of violent crimes.

The family experienced a tragic event in the public eye. The foundation’s services have benefited from the millions of money acquired from Simpson as payment for the liability of his death, as well as from proceeding rights, charitable collections, and fundraisers held all around the world.

Ron Goldman | Foundation For Justice

A notice on the final page of “If I Did It” from the time it was published in 2007 stated that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice. A nonprofit with the stated purpose of “empowering, inspiring, motivating, and supporting those who have been victims of crime,” the Goldman Foundation. Similarly, one of the most generous donors is Mark Goldman, Fred Goldman’s first cousin.

Ron Goldman - Sister, Parents & Nicole Brown Simpson
Ron Goldman old photo. Via Biography

The reports state that this foundation donates money to a number of organizations and initiatives that aid violent crime victims and their survivors. Several sources claim that Goldman’s claim that a Foundation would help crime victims was nothing more than a hoax or public relations ploy.

The foundation took this action in order to defend publishing and benefitting from the same book that had been attacked and was ultimately shut down. The Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice has not arrived to assist anyone other than Fred and Kim Goldman, and this is why there is no evidence to support this.

Social Media Presence

Though Ron was not a part of any social media while he was alive. He is well-known on social media thanks to his little sister’s resolve to uphold his memory by using her non-profit organization to offer her voice in support of victims. I’m 45 years old. In honor of her brother, Kim gave her kid the name Samuel Ronald Hahn. She genuinely views him as her hero, and as a result, Ronald and his wife frequently appear on her Instagram boards.

Eternal Life On The Grave

Ron Goldman, the victim of an officially unsolved murder case, perished violently while still having his eyes open. Although his sister was never able to see the final images of her brother, she still treasures him and the courage it took for him to fight till his very last breath. In Westlake Village, California’s Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park, his remains is buried behind an ankh-shaped monument.

Goldman, Ron Goldman and Brown’s bodies were discovered on the way to the unit at 875 South Bundy Drive. Police, however, found their bodies shortly after midnight. After reconstructing the sequence of events, the authorities came to the conclusion that Goldman arrived during or shortly after Nicole’s passing.

Furthermore, according to Goldman’s family, he perished while attempting to shield Brown from her assailant. Sadly, Ron passed away 20 days before turning 26. In addition, his funeral was held at Westlake Village, California’s Pierce Brothers Valley Oaks Memorial Park.


Were there any other suspects in the Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman murder case besides OJ? (Was it possible that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were killed due to their involvement with drugs?)

According to Malcolm Brinkworth, the police and prosecution tainted or manipulated evidence pointing to Simpson as the killer while ignoring evidence in the case. It also claims that the state acted too quickly in ruling out other potential suspects.
Furthermore, Brinkworth also stated that Simpson’s older sons Jason, Brown, Goldman, and Resnick were engaging in the illegal drug trade. In multiple interviews, Simpson has indicated that he believes the two got murdered because of their involvement in the local drug trade and that other murders at the time took place for the same purpose.

Why did Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman, remain silent from the media after OJ Simpson’s acquittal and only express his feelings after his conviction for robbery?

It isn’ true that Goldman’s father remained silent on his son’s death. On the contrary, Ron’s father, Fred, and younger sister, Kim, were present for almost every day of the 1995 murder trial.
Their heartbroken expressions served as a constant reminder of the human cost of a case that quickly became about everything but the murders themselves – race, celebrity, the Los Angeles police department, and the United States.

How much truth is there to the claim that O J Simpson’s son Jason was the real murderer of Nicole and Ron Goldman?

The prosecution used DNA evidence in the O. J. Simpson murder case to link O. J. Simpson committed the crime because there were no witnesses to Nicole Brown Simpson’s and Ron Goldman’s killings. One hundred eight exhibits of DNA evidence, including 61 drops of blood, were submitted at trial over nine weeks of testimony.
There were no differences detected when testing was cross-referenced and validated at three different labs using various tests. The defense got access to the evidence samples to do their testing, but they declined.

How did OJ Simpson lose a civil suit over the deaths of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown when he was acquitted of the murders in the trial?

The Simpson case was finally closed 32 months after the twin murders. Orenthal James Simpson was held responsible for the killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, his former wife. However, they hit him with USD 33.5 million in damages as a result of his actions.

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