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Quick Facts

Full name James Francis Goble
Nickname James
Birthday March 29, 1913
Sun sign Aries
Traits Positive: Passionate, enthusiastic, and hardworking
Negative: Stubborn and impulsive
Place of birth Marion, Smyth County, Virginia, United States.
Date of death December 20, 1956
Cause of death Inoperable brain tumor
Nationality American
Parents Charles Jackson Goble Sr. (father),
Anna Thomas-Goble (Smith) (mother)
Siblings Helen Goble McClanahan (sister) and three brothers
Marital Status Married
Spouse Katherine Johnson
Children Constance, Katherine, and Joylette (Daughters)

James Francis Goble was the husband of now-renowned mathematician Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson. He has broken barriers of age, race, and gender before any feminist movement through her rigorous and supreme performance in manual calculations and impeccable accuracy.

Not everyone in this world is recognized for such contributions. Some after death, while others remain unknown and unnamed forever. So is the case of actual heroes, let alone the supportive characters that help them.

You must have noticed that supportive family members of such personalities are rarely accredited for their contributions. It requires a big rumor or thunder-rocking news for such people to come into the limelight. James Francis Goble is one such notable name.

How much was the Net worth of James Francis Globe?

His Net worth is unknown. James Francis Goble was the spouse of now-famous mathematician Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson. Through her thorough and preeminent execution in manual computations and perfect precision, he has separated hindrances old enough, race, and orientation before any women’s activist development.

James Francis Globe photo Via Findagrave

Childhood: How many siblings did he have?

On a lovely Saturday, March 29, 1913, James Francis Goble was born as the son of Charles Jackson Goble, Sr. and Anna Thomas-Goble (Smith). In Marion, Smyth County, Virginia, he first saw the world.

He came from a modest middle-class family at birth. He had four siblings, three of whom are missing and whose whereabouts are unknown. Four of them are thought to be brothers, with Helen Goble McClanahan, his sister, making up the fourth.

He had to deal with the covert discrimination that was pervasive in the then-American culture from the moment he was born because he was born and reared in a family of African descent. He did, however, graduate and begin a career as a teacher.

James’ Personality Traits

Being an Aries by birth sign, he had a commanding attitude. He was helpful, obedient, modest, reliable, and talented. His understated style of attire revealed his modest demeanor and preference for inner beauty above outward beauty. It also dictates his love and respect towards academics and academicians as he was a teacher himself.

He was also married and had a happy relationship with a mathematician up until his death. He was a respected man with a cheerful disposition whose efforts undoubtedly helped African-American family members gain access to higher academic standing and even exposure to space travel.

James Francis Goble And Katherine Johnson

His wife Katherine is the sole love of his life that is publicly recognized. On August 26, 1918, she was born into a modest nuclear family with working parents. Her mother taught young children in a nearby school, while her father was a farmer. James and Katherine are both West Virginia natives who grew up there. White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia, was the hometown of her family.

James was grateful for his partner’s commitment and hard work. She had a brilliant mind that she developed in the face of social prejudice. Katherine was a Mathematics and French major from West Virginia State College in 1937. She married James two years after graduating. In 1953, James and his family relocated to Newport News in pursuit of employment possibilities.

Katherine Johnson
Katherine Johnson Via

In his seventeen years of marriage to Katherine, James had three kids. He has three lovely daughters: Joylette, Katherine, and Constance. James’ first child was born in 1940, which made him happy and caused his wife’s job to stop that summer. She was forced to quit her education and devote the next ten years of her life to motherhood and raising her family.

To help support the family, she even worked more than one job as a teacher. James took significant steps as the family’s leader to raise his daughters to be highly educated individuals. All of his children, together with his wife, had successful jobs, so it was all worthwhile.

Being the husband of a revolutionary talent is not an easy assignment. James helped his wife become a successful pioneering, brilliant female thinker of America by providing all the support he could. All of them had a difficult time during James’ later years, but Katherine particularly so.

Katherine Johnson infront of her statue with her family
Katherine Johnson in front of her statue with her family Via

James had to provide for a wife who began her scientific career when Jim Crow was still in effect. American society was still hostile to persons of color even after one hundred years of independence. He recognized the struggle his wife must have had every day and encouraged her.

Her first spouse, James, passed away while still married. After James A. Johnson’s passing three years prior, Katherine got remarried. Her second husband was a Korean War veteran and U.S. Army officer. They had six grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren together.

What is the Professional Career of James Francis Goble?

James was a professor of chemistry. He settled in Marion and wed a sophisticated, educated woman who had graduated from a university of his choosing. Everything was going well, then James fell in the middle of the centuries. James was sick when visiting their hometown. His condition evolved into a protracted battle with an untreatable brain tumor (cancer). This was expensive and taxing.

His wife had to take a job as he could not continue with work. It’s thought that James and his wife had several occupations throughout their lives—including teaching—in order to raise their kids. Katherine had to wait until she had the opportunity to enroll in a university program and obtain a position at NASA since she was a black woman with a distinctive brain during a time of discrimination.

At the time, it would have been more common news than her authority if an African American woman had passed away at the age of 35. When the family’s head was ill, it was challenging for the family to make ends meet because female employees did not receive the same pay as male employees.

More on Career

The saga of the saga of the saga of the saga of the saga of the saga of the saga. James received helpful encouragement from his in-laws for reviving his wife’s career under such trying circumstances. The diagnosis, along with their move to Newport and her hiring by NASA, changed everything for his family.

Her accurate calculations made other planets like Mercury and the earth’s orbit in space accessible to people on Earth; Apollo 11 is one of the primary highlights. But it wasn’t all a piece of cake. Every day she had to get up motivated to work. Although James was unable to provide for her financially, he served as a unifying force and moral support for the family, keeping them together as everyone worked to advance their careers.

Katherine’s modesty is a result of James. She felt equal to her male colleagues in NASA as she proven her diligence with innumerable calculations. She refused recognition for carrying out the necessary tasks for the job. James was delighted to learn about her accomplishments via the media.

How did James Francis Goble get the Fame?

James is well-known for being a celebrity. As a NASA employee working on an aeronautics space program, his wife Katherine, an American physicist and mathematician, conducted ground-breaking research on orbital mechanics calculations.

The success of NASA’s attempt at crewed space flights and, essentially, every subsequent discovery made by NASA depended on Katherine’s contribution. She was referred to as a “Computer” and essentially a “American Academic Hero” who started a legacy in calculations. She received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015.

After 33 years of service in the agency’s flight research division, Katherine retired from NASA in 1986. If not for the recently released movie, she would have gone unnoticed. Her accomplishments were recognized in the 2016 motion picture “Hidden Figures,” which was released.

James Francis Goble's wife Katherine Johnson receiving the presidential medal of freedom from former U.S. president Barack Obama.
Katherine Johnson received the presidential medal of freedom from former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2015. Via

The characters in this film were Katherine and her late colleagues, whose achievements in terms of research and development helped to make America a great country. The film was nominated for three Oscars and won a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Of her peers, Katherine was the only one still living who shared the Oscars stage with the cast. She lived long to see the film debut and even remarked on her own representation. She claimed, “I wasn’t that aggressive.

In February, she was showered with standing ovations, prodigious camera flashes, and media attention. This piqued the media’s curiosity in the personalities from her life who were represented in the movie. James also gained notoriety primarily due to this reason. She was then the most well-known of her hitherto obscure group.

Also making waves in 2017 was Katherine G. Johnson’s Computational Research Facility. She also published her own autobiography, “Reaching for the Moon,” which she had written three years earlier. James, her first husband, was repeatedly mentioned in all of these disclosures. This is the reason James has received attention 64 years after his passing.

Charity of James Francis Goble

Since James was alive, the family has always gone to Carver Presbyterian Church, where they have actively participated in choirs for more than 50 years. James and Katherine guided their family toward a Christian lifestyle together.

Being a woman and a person of color during this prejudiced period was undoubtedly troublesome. Black American women experienced double prejudice due to their separation from men in the workplace, dining areas, and restrooms.

Katherine Moore daughter of James Francis Goble
Katherine Moore, daughter of James Francis Goble

From her time in college, James’s wife has made contributions as an alpha kappa alpha sorority member. This sorority was founded by African American women for the benefit of other like-minded women in various spheres, such as athletics and academia.

Social Media

James passed away just as computers were becoming widely used. He could not have had that many photos shot of him. But ever since his wife passed away in February, he has gained a lot of social media traction.

Famous Katherine went dead after becoming quite well-known because to a biopic about her life. Influential people like NASA administrator James Bridenstine have commented on statements. James is now a social media celebrity highlight because to this.

What was the Death Cause of James Francis Goble?

In 1953, NASA employed his wife. James passed away three years after she started working for him. For Katherine, the circumstance was challenging. She was forced to choose between a challenging job and a gravely ill husband who was battling a terminal illness. Over these years, his family sought treatment and held out hope.

James had a difficult time breathing his final breath since he was fighting cancer. The only hope he had in his final days was the unwavering love and support of his family. He died on December 20, 1956, when he was just 43 years old. He resides in the cemetery at 520 Shell Road in Hampton, Virginia, United States, 23661.

In the same Pleasant Shade Cemetery, his wife is interred close by. His family took wonderful care of him and remained at his side until the very end. He led a family-oriented life. He was, if anything, remembered by his family as a loving father, a devoted husband, and a helpful partner. Despite his illness, he passed away with joy.

James Francis Goble’s Cause Of Death

In 1956, Katherine Johnson’s husband passed away due to an incurable brain tumor.

Interesting Facts

1. James Francis Goble Is The Husband Of A Renowned Mathematician

James was married to the esteemed mathematician Katherine Coleman Johnson. She worked in NASA and helped make Mercury and Earth’s orbit in space accessible to people with her impeccable calculations.

2. James Francis Was Not A Mathematician

Unlike his wife, James was not a mathematician. Instead, he was a chemistry teacher.  He started his profession as a teacher right after graduating from college.

3. James Has Three Children

James and Katherine were married for seventeen years. They have three daughters together: Constance, Katherine, and Joylette.

4. James’s Character Has Been Portrayed In The Award-Winning Film ‘Hidden Figures’

Hidden Figures is a Screen Actors Guild Award-winning movie that has been nominated for three Oscar awards. The film depicts the struggles of Katherine and her colleagues in working in NASA and contributing to making America a great nation in terms of research and development. Here, James’s character can be seen as a supportive husband.

5. James Francis Goble Died Of A Brain Tumor

James died at the age of 43 due to an inoperable brain tumor. His wife, Katherine, had only been hired by NASA three years ago. She took care of him and the children while he battled the disease. He took his last breath on December 20, 1956.


What Did James Francis Goble Do?

James Francis Goble was a chemistry teacher in his early years. He was a respectable man who helped African-American people open their doors to higher academic achievements.

When Did James Francis Goble Die?

James Francis Goble died on December 20, 1956.

What Was The Cause Of Death?

The cause of James Goble’s death was an inoperable brain tumor.

When Was James Goble Born?

On March 29, 1913, James Goble was born in Marion, Smyth County, Virginia, United States.

Is James Francis Goble White?

No, James Francis Goble was not white. Instead, he was from an African-origin American family.

Who Was Katherine Johnson’s First Husband?

Katherine Johnson’s first husband was James Francis Goble. He was a teacher.

How Old Was James Francis Goble When He Died?

James Francis Globe was only 43 years old when he died. He had the support of his family in his last days.

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