Hudson Keitel

Quick Facts

Birth Date: , 2001
Full Name: Hudson Keitel
Birth Place: United States
Net Worth: N/A
Height / How tall : N/A
Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish
Nationality: American
Profession: Celebrity’s Child
Father’s Name: Harvey Keitel
Mother’s Name: Lisa Karmazin
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Hudson Keitel is a Celebrity kid of American descent,. The main reason for Hudson Keitel’s fame is his famous actor father, Harvey Keitel. The movies “Mean Streets,” “Bad Lieutenant,” “Reservoir Dogs,” etc. all featured Harvey. He frequently portrays violent characters and has an intensely emotive acting style. He performed the part of Lieutenant Gene Hunt for 17 episodes of the television program Life on Mars (U.S.).

How much is the Net worth of Hudson Keitel?

The net worth of Hudson Keitel has not yet been determined according to sources from 2022. As he just has professional involvement, we don’t know how much he makes annually. Harvey Keitel, his father, is worth more than $50 million.

Harvey Keitel steps out with son to buy flowers for Mother's Day
With his Father. Via Pinterest

Early Years and Parents

He was born in the United States in 2001 under the name Hudson Karmazin Keitel; his exact birthday is unknown. His father is Harvey Keitel, and his mother is Lisa Karmazin. They never exchanged vows but did have modest courtships. Additionally, his father’s side of the family is Ashkenazi Jewish, and he has two step-siblings: Stella Keitel (his sister) and Roman Keitel (brother). He may have gone to school, judging on his academic record.

What is the Profession Career of Hudson Keitel?

As of right now, Hudson Keitel has not begun his working life. His father, the well-known face of the performing world, has a significant influence on his fame.

Famous Veteran: Harvey Keitel |
Hudson’s Father, Hudson Keitel. Via

08 Facts of Harvey Keitel

  • Born as Harvey Keitel, he has a sister, Renee plus a brother named Jerry.
  • He is the youngest child of his parents.
  • His dad was a hat maker and his mom was a homemaker.
  • In his former days, he was a salesman in a women’s shoe store.
  • With Peggy Gormley, he opened a production company called The Goatsingers.
  • For over 11 years, he had an affair with actress Lorraine Bracco (1982 to 1993).
  • He owns houses in New York City as well as in California.
  • He bagged a nomination for an Academy Award for the 1991’s movie Bugsy.

Body Stats and Social Media

Average in height and weight, Hudson is in good physical form. He also has dark brown hair and brown eyes to add to the description. There is no official Hudson Keitel presence on social networks like Facebook. Also, he hasn’t created any accounts on Twitter or Instagram.


  • As of 2022, he is 21 years old.
  • His paternal grandparents were Miriam Keitel and Harry Keitel.

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