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Birth Date

February 1,1995

Full Name

Ian Hyland

Birth Name

Ian Donovan Hyland



Birth City

New York City, New York

Birth Country

United States

Father Name

Edward James Hyland

Father Profession


Mother Name

Melissa D. Canaday

Mother Profession


Gender Identity


Sexual Orientation




Marital Status



185 cm


Sarah Hyland

American actor Ian Hyland gained notoriety for his performance in the Spanglish film. He has reached a milestone in the entertainment industry that spans over two decades.

The celebrity brother of the actress Sarah Hyland, Hyland is equally well-known. She won widespread acclaim for her portrayal of a vampire in the film Vampire Academy.

What is the Net Worth of Ian Hyland?

Like Chaneil Kular, Ian Hyland has amassed an admirable net worth of $100,000. He has made the most of his money through his professional acting career and a small amount from other unspecified sources of income.

Hyland must have made money through his performances on the TV show The Merry Mercenaries. He appeared in four episodes of that television show in the role of Bast Mooney.

Sarah Hyland, Ian’s sister, has a stunning net worth of $14 million, on the other hand. Her enormous riches has allowed her to pursue a successful acting career in the entertainment world.

Sarah made money through her role as Heidi in the television series Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin. She will undoubtedly make more money by acting in two upcoming projects.

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Is Ian Hyland dating?

Sarah Howard, Ian Hyland’s companion, and he are already in a committed relationship. For more over three years, they have enjoyed an easy and fulfilling romantic relationship.

Hyland and Howard were initially friends rather than falling in love at first sight. They used to hang out frequently, go on trips, and even engage in activities like bubble soccer.

Ian Hyland with her romantic partner Sarah Howard. (Source: Instagram @ thehotterhyland)

In 2019, Hyland and Howard began dating after transitioning from a friendship to a romantic relationship. On February 8th, 2019, they went on their first date, then on February 11th, Howard’s birthday, they went on their second.

Hyland and Howard, a devoted couple, have always treasured their love lives. Through their Instagram accounts, both frequently express their love, and their fans adore their passionate connection.

Career of Ian Hyland:

Spanglish was the first film in which Ian Hyland appeared. His breakthrough performance, which earned him fame in the entertainment industry, came in his first role as Georgie.

Hyland, who stands 6 feet 1 inch tall, later starred in a number of films and television shows. Hollywoodland, The Ex, and 30 Rock are among the movies with which he has an enduring acting resume.

A 19-year veteran of the entertainment industry, Ian is an actor who has been nominated for a Young Artist Award. The short film 20 Red Balloons features him in one of his most recent acting roles.

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Social Media:

One of the individuals who utilizes social media is Ian Hyland. He enjoys using his social media platform to converse and connect with others.

Ian doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account and is solely accessible on Instagram. He has almost 14k followers on Instagram under the moniker @thehotterhyland.

Connect with Ian on Instagram if you enjoy seeing insights into his personal life from time to time. On his Instagram page, he frequently posts about his family life.