Ingrid Halstensen estimated Net Worth, Age, Affairs, Height, Dating, Relationship Stats, Salary as well as short Biography with top 10 popular facts!

Ingrid Halstensen is a journalist. She is mainly known as Premier League Journalist.

Ingrid is a sports anchor working for TV 2 in Norway. In fact, she started her career from the television network TV 2. She started as a reporter of ice hockey on TV 2 from 2010.

Ingrid is also known as the football correspondent in England for TV 2 since 2018.

10 Facts on Ingrid Halstensen

  1. Ingrid Halstensen was born on the 8th of December, 1987. She is 32 years of age now.
  2. The height of the football correspondent is not known. But she seems to be standing at a tall height and body maintained. However, there are no results found on her height and weight details.
  3. The salary of the sports anchor from TV 2 is not known. But working for TV 2 for 10 years no doubt she has earned quite a huge sum. However, the anchor has yet to discuss her net worth amount.
  4. Ingrid does not have a husband and is yet to be married. In fact, her dating history is not available. She may be hiding her possible relationship but still, there is no details found about her boyfriend.
  5. The sports anchor has been successful in hiding her family’s privacy. Despite being in media, she has not yet mentioned her parent’s names.
  6. Ingrid graduated from the University of Bergen and holds a degree in film and Tv production.
  7. Halstensen was born and raised in Bekkjarvik, Norway. She holds Norwegian nationality.
  8. Ingrid first started working in a small company as a film producer. Her cousin Claus Lundekva encouraged her to become a sports anchor.
  9. Ingrid Joined TV 2 from 2010 as a reporter and then went on to become a sports anchor. She has been continuously working on TV 2 for 10 years and is also known as the correspondent of football for England.
  10. Ingrid has 28.7k Instagram followers.

Facts of Ingrid Halstensen

Name Ingrid Halstensen
Birthday December 8, 1987
Age 32 Years Old
Nationality Norwegian
Profession Journalist
Instagram ingridhalstensen