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Jack Buckingham is the founder of a non-profit organization. He runs Positively Social, which promotes positivity on social media sites. Besides that, he is also a celebrity family member.

Buckingham is the son of a reputed author and businesswoman, Jane Buckingham. Also, his father Marcus is a business consultant and sister Lilia is an actress.

10 Facts on Jack Buckingham

  1. Jack Buckingham is the co-founder of Positively Social. Likewise, he is also the child of Jane and Marcus Buckingham.
  2. Buckingham does not yet have a Wikipedia. But his parents do have a Wikipedia. Also, some of his details are available online.
  3. Jack is an American citizen. He belongs to the white ethnic group. Also, the man is agnostic and is a follower of Jesus Christ.
  4. Although Buckingham is 16 years old, his actual birthday is not revealed yet. Moreover, his zodiac sign and other birth facts are also unknown.
  5. Jack is a handsome man. He has a decent height of 5 feet 7 inches with an athletic built. In addition, he has a friendly attitude and an amazing personality.
  6. Buckingham is surprisingly single. He has not yet met with the love of his life. But it is certain that he will find a gorgeous girlfriend soon.
  7. Talking about family, Jack has four members in it. Jane and Marcus are his parents. His mother is a businesswoman whereas his father is a business consultant.
  8. Buckingham also has a pretty sibling, Lilia. He grew up with her and they share an inseparable bond. She is also a famous personality who gained fame as an actress.
  9. Jack’s family has been in controversy for several times. In 2019, his mother as accused of cheating. Knowingly she sat another person instead of Jane in the university entrance exam.
  10. Buckingham is active on almost every social platform. He has an Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts.

Facts of Jack Buckingham

Name Jack Buckingham
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Nationality American
Profession Social Activist
Parents Jane Buckingham and Marcus
Siblings Lilia Buckingham
Married/Single Single
Instagram @jackbuckiingham
Twitter @JackBuckingham_
Youtube Jack Buckingham
Facebook jack.buckingham.583