Jacqueline Policastro

Quick Facts about Jacqueline Policastro

Full Name Jacqueline Policastro
Nationality American
Date of Birth 1983/9/23
Sexual Orientation Straight

American journalist Jacqueline Policastro is the Washington Bureau Chief for Gray Television in Washington, D.C. The seasoned journalist has expertise working for numerous news organizations, including Associated Press, WISH-TVWSEE TV, and Lilly Broadcasting Eries. Do you want to learn more about Policastro’s past? If so, continue reading in the paragraphs below in the sections!

How much is the net worth of Jacqueline Policastro?

Due to her extensive experience as a reporter and anchor, Jacqueline Policastro has a net worth of $2 million. Jillian Angeline, a coworker at Gray Television, has a net worth of $500,000.

Childhood and Education

In the United States, New Jersey is where Jacqueline Policastro was born. She graduated from Boston University in 2006 with a B.S. in Political Science and Broadcast Journalism.

The gifted reporter started her first internship in news at NBC 40 in Linwood, New Jersey. She joined Associated Press in May 2006 after graduating. Policastro has also held positions with the Kneeland Foundation, the International Women’s Media Foundation, the Paul Miller Washington Fellowship, and the NBA Professional Fellow.

Working Career

She has had the chance to work for numerous news organizations throughout her illustrious career. She was a television and radio producer for the Associated Press in Washington, D.C. Similar to this, she spent three years working as a news anchor, correspondent, and bureau chief for Lilly Broadcasting in Erie, Pennsylvania.

She relocated to Erie, Pennsylvania after the 2008 presidential election to anchor the evening newscasts at CBS WSEE TV. After that, Jacqueline worked for WISH-TV for two years as a reporter and anchor for Daybreak News. She currently works for Gray Television, where she first began her career in September 2014. She works as the Washington Bureau Chief for the channel.

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Jacqueline Policastro, a seasoned journalist, is she married? What Is She Married To?

Jacqueline Policastro is married to her husband Michael McCarthy for almost five years. Jacqueline Policastro’s Facebook (@jacquelinepolicastroDCQ)

Many journalists tend to keep their personal lives secret, which could be attributed to the nature of their work. Jacqueline Policastro is not like others as a result she does not like to share. She is wed to Michael McCarthy, the man she is currently living with in a committed marriage.

December 12, 2015 saw the union of the couple. She has kept the specifics of her connection to herself since her wedding. She might not want to divulge too much information about her personal life after all. We can certainly comprehend her motivations for doing so! She and her partner were married, and Liliana is their infant daughter. Late in 2018, she gave birth to a child.

Jacqueline Policastro holding her cute daughter Liliana. Jacqueline Policastro’s Facebook (@jacquelinepolicastroDCQ)

Jacquline is frequently busy with work reporting and work preparation. She enjoys spending her free time with her loved ones, which she posts on social media. Her spouse and child currently reside with her in Washington.