Jason Hawes

Jason Hawes, a well-known TV personality from the show Ghost Hunters. If not, here’s a quick refresher. He is a paranormal investigator who spends his nights hunting ghosts as a hobby. His wife, Kristen Cornell, also features in the series alongside him.

What is the net worth of Jason Hawes?

Jason Hawes net worth: Jason Hawes is a $3 million dollar .American plumber, television personality, producer, author, and paranormal investigator. Jason Hawes is best known for founding The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) in Warwick, Rhode Island, and as one of the co-producers and stars of the Syfy show Ghost Hunters.

Rumors about Jason Hawes’ wife Kristen Cornell’s death

From social media, a steady flood of messages poured into our newsroom. “If she dies, he can go try to find her all over again,” some rude admirers on Imgur said. Others, on the other hand, did the humane thing and consoled him during this difficult time.

Regardless, the true story is that Jason Hawes’ wife, Kristen Cornell, died. Everything is a sick internet joke. Kristen Cornell, on the other hand, had a near-death experience. Hawes and his family endured the most difficult Christmas season eight years ago, in 2013.

Jason Hawes wife Kristin Cornell is still alive and healthy

He sent a statement on Facebook, indicating that his wife Kristen was on the verge of passing away. She was brought to the ICU with a brain infection and was receiving treatment. It wasn’t until the following year that her condition began to improve.

On January 5th, 2014, the ghost hunter sent out a tweet thanking his admirers for their continuing support. He also assured them that she was no longer in danger and was on her way to recovery. Kristen Cornell is now alive and well.

Jason Hawes and Kristen Cornell have a happy marriage.

Remember the bond we mentioned earlier? Hawes and Cornell, on the other hand, have had it for a long time. The couple dated for a long time before deciding to marry on May 20th, 1998. As a result, they’ve been married for 23 years. They were both supernatural believers, which drew them closer together.

Jason Hawes with his wife Kristen Cornell

As a result of their marriage, the couple had five children. Austin and Logan are boy twins, while Samantha, Hailey, and Sator are their three children. Jason referred to Cornell as his “heart” and “rock” in the Facebook post. That is a strong indicator of their deep love for one another.

Wiki-bio of Kristen Cornell.

There are no leads on Kristin Cornell’s wiki-bio, according to the most recent Wikileaks. Her husband’s, on the other hand, is plentiful. He was born in Canandaigua, New York, on December 27, 1971. He is 49 years old right now. He will, however, be 50 before the end of the year.

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