Jay Harrington

Jay Harrington, who plays Ted on ABC’s “Better Off Ted,” doesn’t need a second introduction to the show’s viewers. He is not only a renowned sitcom actor, but he is also a successful married man with his wife, whom he adores.

The two have set the bar for other couples in terms of romance, which is why fans and we refer to them as “relationship goals.”

However, if you are unfamiliar with their love and lovely marriage, we might as well explain why we refer to these two as “relationship goals.”

Jay Harrington and His Wife Live a Happy Married Life!

In August 2016, Jay Harrington married Monica Richards, In August 2016, his TV host wife, at Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. Since they met in 2010, their relationship has been heart-meltingly gorgeous since the beginning; when they were dating and enjoying a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship.

Mookie Betts and his girlfriend are planning a baby before their wedding, and their young love is strong.

The couple has been documenting their relationship on social media, expressing their undying love for one another. Their Instagram posts on the auspicious occasion of their marriage demonstrate how thrilled they were to officially become a married couple.

Not only that, but the fact that they flaunt their affection for one another on social media demonstrates the strength of their bond. Furthermore, they make an effort to express their gratitude to others through posts while celebrating their special days.

Monica tweeted a photo of her husband holding her in his arms while maintaining steady eye contact in November 2016. The black-and-white photograph was accompanied by a birthday greeting for Jay.

Similarly, on the occasion of their 7th anniversary together in May 2017, Jay uploaded a vibrant-looking photo of his wife. The message demonstrated not only their relationship’s strength over time but also his appreciation for Monica’s presence in his life.

Gay rumors are silenced in married life.

Furthermore, the happy married life of these two shuts down all the gay rumors that have been swirling around Jay since he starred beside a a gay characters in the film Partners.

Jay Harrington, who stands over 6ft tall, has had a long and illustrious career thanks to his dazzling performances in films such as American Reunion, Better Off Ted,, and Octopus.

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The success of all of his initiatives has done wonders for his finances. Jay, on the other hand, has yet to make an official announcement about the size of his net worth. However, his 2017 project, ‘S.W.A.T.,’ has undoubtedly contributed to it, as it is scheduled to return for a second season.


Bio / Wiki
Full Name Jay Harrington
Occupation Actor
Age 49
Date of Birth November 15, 1971
Place of Birth Wellesley, MA
Star Sign Scorpio
Country United States
Gender Male
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