Jenny Sever

Jenny Sever is a model of the United States. She’s already an actor and a very talented one. She began her career as a model for numerous modeling agencies. Later in her early childhood, she was offered to star in a number of small commercials and TV advertisements.

She was never fresh to be in front of the camera as an actress. However, in 2017, she made her very first major movie called Crystalline Dream.

10 facts about Jenny Sever

  1. Jenny Sever was born in the early 90s in an American family. However, the precise specifics of her birth are not mentioned in any of her online profiles.
  2. There’s very little detail about her personal life. Even her age is believed to be about 24 years old, but the real reality could be different.
  3. She does not even have a dedicated Wikipedia article of her own. Her fans can get her information from her IMDB or other biography pages.
  4. She’s a student of the IIN. IIN stands for Integral Nutrition. But it’s not sure whether she’s graduated or is still under-study.
  5. Jenny has a quite high height of 5 foot 7 inches, which is very high in the general female population.
  6. As far as its revenue is concerned, its general source is derived from modelling and sponsorship projects. However, none of the official sources offered a valid interpretation of its net worth.
  7. There’s no talk of Jenny having a boyfriend. However, this is attributed to the fact that it has not been seen to be dating in front of the media.
  8. She has worked as a model for companies such as Women Milano, Metro Models and Trend Models Management.
  9. Jenny has a very slender body and great proportions. She’s got brown hair and stunning greenish-blue eyes.
  10. She’s got a huge follower on her Instagram account @jennysever.

Facts of Jenny Sever

Name Jenny Sever
Age 24 years
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Nationality American
Profession Model
Married/Single Single
Instagram @jennysever