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Quick Facts of Jeremiah Jean

Born Jeremiah Czech Jean; September, Miami, Florida, United States
Nationality American
Occupation YouTuber
YouTube channels ‘Czech in effect,’ and ‘The Czech effect’
Years active on YouTube 2019-present
Genre Travel
Subscribers 394K on ‘Czech in effect,’ and 3.69K on ‘The Czech effect’
Net worth Undisclosed
Partner Girlfriend (name undisclosed)
YouTube Link

Jeremiah Jean is a well-known YouTuber on travel. On his YouTube channel, “Czech in effect,” he has more than 390K subscribers.

How much is the Net worth of Jeremiah Jean?

His channel took off as a result of one of his videos on Colombia being popular and becoming his first to receive over 100,000 views. On the “Czech in effect” YouTube channel, Jeremiah has 394K subscribers as of February 2024. He observes other prominent YouTubers, picks up their methods, and adapts them to fit his own aesthetic.

Jeremiah Travel Vlog - YouTube
Jeremiah Jean Net worth 2024 Via YouTube

In addition to selling goods and taking donations via PayPal and Cash App, Jeremiah makes money via memberships in his channel and commercials on his YouTube videos. He launched “The Czech effect,” his second YouTube channel, on May 9, 2022. Jeremiah has not disclosed his Net worth.

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Bio, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Parents and Education

September marked the birthplace of Jeremiah Czech Jean in Miami, Florida, USA. He has a Haitian father. Jeremiah was born and raised in Miami before relocating to Fort Lauderdale.

Due to his upbringing in a low-income neighborhood and his origins in Opa-locka, Miami-Dade County, Florida, he experienced discrimination on the basis of his region after relocating to Fort Lauderdale.

His Love for Travelling

Jeremiah has always had a passion for traveling. When he was 15, he went to Haiti. Additionally, Jeremiah visited Ecuador and the Dominican Republic prior to launching his travel YouTube channel. He made a few movies before starting on his channel, and this experience came in handy when he was working on YouTube.

The theft that caused him to leave YouTube

Jeremiah launched his YouTube channel, “Czech in effect,” on March 30, 2011, although he didn’t start making videos for it until 2018.

He went to Haiti in 2018 to record some videos for his channel. Jeremiah chose to edit and release his videos after coming to the United States, as he was unable to upload them to YouTube while filming in Haiti due to poor internet service.

Following the filming of the films, he began promoting a drink in Haiti. As he promoted the drink, some people came him and asked for the drink, which he gave to them for free. After that, Jeremiah asked him for directions to Walmart, and he proceeded to walk there.

Upon his return from Walmart, he noticed that the individuals had broken into his work truck and taken his GoPro camera, gimbal, and 256 GB memory card, which had all of the material intended for his YouTube channel. Jeremiah was so disheartened by this experience that he gave up on working on his YouTube channel.

Working on ‘Czech in effect’:

Subsequently, Jeremiah was motivated to pick up his YouTube channel by a buddy. He thus began working on his Czech in effect YouTube channel in 2019. Jeremiah released his debut film about the Dominican Republic on July 11, 2019.

Stories From The Camino De Santiago: Jeremiah & Bridgette Stringer - YouTube
Stories From The Camino De Santiago: Jeremiah & Bridgette Stringer – YouTube

He called his YouTube channel “Czech in effect” because that is his middle name and because all of his family and friends used to refer to him as Czech. Jeremiah made it the focus of his YouTube channel to post videos about lesser-known tourist destinations.

Did he quit his work for YouTube?

Nine months of work a year were required by Jeremiah’s contract; during the other three months, he traveled to the Dominican Republic and began working on his YouTube channel. He worked for a few of football games and NASCAR, doing marketing and promotions.

After his employment contract expired in 2021, Jeremiah was offered a second contract, but he turned it down in order to focus on YouTube full-time. At that point, Czech’s YouTube channel had fifty thousand members.

Even though he was making less money from his YouTube channel at the time than from his employment, he quit because he enjoyed working on the platform more than his job and thought his channel had a lot of economic potential.

Is Jeremiah Jean a Globetrotter?

Jeremiah visits numerous nations and posts videos about them on his YouTube channel. He visited the Bahamas, Africa, Europe, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Peru, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Jeremiah accrues points through his use of many credit cards, such as Southwest’s, and uses those points to book flights. He once had a sponsor as well, and he performed at their events in the Dominican Republic. Jeremiah saved a lot of money for vacation and also invested in stocks and a real estate company.

Who is the Wife of Jeremiah Jean?

With the exception of revealing his girlfriend in a 2021 YouTube video, Jeremiah hasn’t shared much details about his personal life. He is a US citizen and resides in Miami, Florida.

Trivia and Facts

  • Jeremiah feels Colombia the easiest country to film videos and feels Colombians to be the most cooperative with filming and feels Haiti and Dominican Republic the hardest places to get video footage.
  • San Andrés, located near Nicaragua, is his most favourite place.
  • Jeremiah is a polyglot as he knows English and Spanish. He became fluent in Spanish after taking a month and a half course in the Dominican Republic.