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Love Is Blind, Netflix’s recent romantic hit series, rated Jessica Batten as the show’s villain for sharing wine with her dog and calling another man hot in front of her own fiance. But what everyone else failed to realize is that Batten is not as bad as she appeared to be and was simply a character on a reality show.

Jessica Batten, who is in her mid-thirties as of 2020, rose to fame after Netflix aired their new dating reality show, Love Is Blind, in February. Batten signed up for the show in the hopes of meeting her soulmate. But how did her journey go? Was Jessica successful in finding the man she desired?

Jessica Batten Salary, Net Worth, and LinkedIn Profile

Jessica Batten, originally from Rock Falls, Illinois, is a regional manager who has been working at Box’s IBM Alliance Sales Manager since February 2019. However, it is unclear whether she is still employed there, given that she is now primarily based in Los Angeles.

Aside from her work at Box, it’s believed she also worked for Box in the Greater Atlanta Area from October 2016 to February 2019, according to a Jessica Batten LinkedIn profile, which has yet to be verified if the account belongs to the same Jessica from Love Is Blind.

As a manager, Batten is likely to have earned more than $100,000 to date. Jessica, on the other hand, was not compensated by Netflix for her participation in the dating reality show.

Jessica Batten
Caption: Jessica Batten (source: Refinery29)

Jessica Batten’s Journey of Love Is Blind

Jessica Batten, an Illinois native who competed alongside Damian Powers, Giannina Gibelli, Lauren Speed, and Cameron Hamilton, fell in love with fellow contestant Matt Bernett she met inside the pod on Love Is Blind, a reality show where hopeless romantics fall in love with people solely through communication. The contestants (also Kelly Chase, Kenny Barnes, Carlton Morton, and Diamond Jack) are not allowed to see each other’s faces until they find a compatible partner and marry.

In the case of Batten, she became entangled in a love triangle with another participant, Mark Cuevas, who later became his fiance. Batten had mixed feelings about these two fine gentlemen. Jessica, on the other hand, was brave enough to come forward and admit that she didn’t love Mark.

After breaking Mark’s heart, Jessica was on the verge of having her own broken when Matt revealed his feelings for fellow contestant Amber Pike. Fortunately for Jessica, Mark forgave her and accepted her. But the drama was just getting started.

Jessica Batten
Caption: Jessica Batten’s boyfriend (source:

Jessica, did you play with Mark’s emotions?

Jessica Batten spent the entire ten episodes assuring Mark that she liked him despite their ten-year age difference. Actions, however, speak louder than words. Jessica gets drunk and tries to flirt with Matt at the party, complimenting him and calling him sexy while literally sharing a bed with Mark.

Jessica even insisted that Mark was a red flag for being overly emotional. Not to mention that she called Mark, a fitness trainer who stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall, short. We’re talking about Batten, who isn’t even 5 feet 5 inches tall. Clearly, she wasn’t in love with Mark, and she shouldn’t have cheated on him.

Jessica turned down the marriage vows three months later when the officiator asked if she would marry Mark, leaving him standing at the altar with a sad face. Of course, the final episode infuriated fans. However, what fans failed to recognize is that Jessica did the right thing. Marriage is no laughing matter. Imagine if she had said “Yes” just for the sake of the show, to demonstrate that love is blind. It would have been the end of both of their lives.

Jessica also apologized to Mark and his mother and avoided dating for a long time. She has, however, moved on and is now seeing men. Jessica, on the other hand, claims it’s not serious.

Meanwhile, Jessica, who had already stated that he preferred men a year or five years older than her, reportedly wanted to leave the show after Matt rejected her. However, in order to return home, she had to pay a $500,000 fee to Netflix. As a result, she decided to stay.

Jessica Batten Quick Facts

  • Payton, a golden retriever, is Payton’s mother.
  • Jessica has a younger brother who is five years her junior.
  • Sports fan from Chicago.
  • At the moment, I am based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • By religion, he is a Christian.
  • Jessica and Kelly Chase had been friends for ten years prior to the events of Love Is Blind.

Facts of Jessica Batten

Name Jessica Batten
Birthday 26 June 1984
Age 35 years old
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight About 60 kg
Measurements 32-25-35 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Regional manager/ Reality TV star
Married/Single Single
Education Illinois State University
Instagram @jessicabatten_


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