Jessica Fridrich

Jessica Fridrich is an educator. She is known for her specialization in advanced symbolism information concealing applications.

Jessica is likewise known for the CFOP strategy which is additionally called a Fridrich technique. This technique is the most widely recognized strategy for settling Rubik’s 3D shape or called speedcubing. She is indeed called one of the pioneers with Lars Petrus of speed tackling Rubik’s solid shape.

Fridrich technique is the most well-known strategy for settling speedcubing and it is additionally utilized by other quick speedcubers. This is the technique where the block can be settled by layer by layer design.

10 Realities on Jessica Fridrich

  1. Brought into the world in the year 1964, she is 56 years of age. Her definite date of birth isn’t obscure.
  2. Jessica’s stature subtleties are not known. Her weight is additionally obscure. She is by all accounts sound.
  3. The total assets of the educator isn’t known. Her compensation from Binghamton College isn’t unveiled at this point. Functioning as an educator for quite a while she has acquired enough for herself.
  4. Fridrich might be a hitched lady. She has not uncovered realities about her better half.
  5. The family subtleties of the teacher are not known. She has held her protection under wrapped and not uncovered to other people.
  6. Jessica holds a MS degree from Czech Specialized College in Prague in applied arithmetic. She is a Ph.D. holder from Binghamton College in framework science.
  7. Brought into the world in Ostrava, Czech, she has Czechoslovak identity.
  8. She is celebrated for her CFOP technique which is known as Cross, Initial 2 Layers, Situate Last Layer, Permute the Last Layer for speedcubing. The other name of the CFOP technique is the Fridrich strategy.
  9. Right now, she is working at the Division of Electrical and PC Designing at Binghamton College as a teacher.
  10. She isn’t accessible via web-based media applications like Facebook or Twitter.

Facts of Jessica Fridrich

Name Jessica Fridrich
Birthday 1964
Age 56 Years Old
Gender Female
Nationality Czechoslovak
Profession Professor