John Nonny

John Nonny is a Canadian Youtuber who came to media attention after his video “supermarket puns” got viral.

Quick Facts of John Nonny

Real Name John Nonny
Birthdate April 26, 1987
Born In Canada
Occupation YouTuber
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Unknown
Martial Status Single
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation N/A
Height N/A
Religion Unknown
Profession Youtuber
Horoscope Taurus
Generation Millennials Generation
Ruling Planet Venus
Net Worth $100,000 – $1M (2022)
Earnings Not available (2022)
Wealth Source YouTuber
Salary Pending
Property He lives in Canada
Automobiles Vehicles data is not available
Investments Investment data is being reviewed
Instagram John_Nonny

A Canadian YouTuber named John Nonny gained public notice when his video, “Supermarket Puns,” went viral. He co-owns with Dan Shaba the “The Pun Guys” YouTube channel, which has sporadic entertaining material.

Similarly, Nonny and Shaba have accounts set up on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook under the name “The Pun Guys.” They have a big fan base and viewership.

How much is the net worth of John Nonny in 2022?

John Nonny makes money from his musical and YouTube careers, and his estimated net worth is over $1 million.

A YouTuber can earn $5 for every 1000 views, by YouTuber standards. Nonny earns a respectable living because to the incredible number of views on their youtube videos. With all of this money, he lives a luxurious lifestyle.

John Nonny in his car. source: Instagram @john_nonny

He has both his own channel and the YouTube channel known as The Pun Guys. Similar to this, The Pun men have active accounts on other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, from which they generate a sizable income.

Nonny drives a white Chevrolet Corvette(c8) that costs over $60,000. He also gave his sister a 2020 Honda CR-V for over $30k and his business buddy Dan a $20k Rolex.

Early Years

John was born on April 26, 1987, with the horoscope sign of the Taurus. He is a citizen of Canada and has all the rights and privileges that come with it. He has undoubtedly attended school, but neither the name of his parents nor any details about it have been made public.

But it is well known that John enjoys music and aspires to be a successful musician. He first met Dan, his business partner, while working on music together.

Siblings of John Nonny

Nonny, a YouTuber, has a sister whom he refers to as baby sis. Her name is Karlee Kvaska and is quite close to her.

John Nonny and his sister Karlee Kvaska source: Instagram @john_nonny

He did, however, mention his sister on Instagram and gave her a brand-new 2020 Honda CR-V in silver. He adores his young sister dearly.

Relationship Status of John Nonny

Sydney Maurer is the wife of John Nonny. The pair has not made public information about their relationship and marriage, but they have not kept it a secret either.

With the caption “Life is wonderful when you can tell wifey to leave her job & put her on the payroll,” Nonny acknowledged his wife in an Instagram image.

John Nonny and his wife Sydney Maurer source: Instagram @john_nonny

Sydney, Nonny’s wife, is equally as reserved as her husband and keeps her personal information private. She has two profiles on Instagram: one is private and is called @s.ydneymaurer, and the other is called @bys.ydney, where she has shared several beautiful pictures.

It appears that Nonny is a devoted husband who supports his wife in whatever way he can.

Business Partner of John Nonny – Dan Shaba

John and his business partner Dan Shaba both make appearances on their humorous video channel, “The Pun Guys.” Shaba switched between group homes and foster homes as a child. Nothing is known about his early years.

Dan Shaba, the business partner of John Nonny source: Famous Birthdays

He has a brother, but not much is known about him. Additionally, Shaba, the punster, has a channel of his own with the same name. He produces videos, such as vlogs, and uploads them to his own channel.

Shaba’s comic talent has helped him gain a large following. He initially shared John’s interest in music, and he still performs occasionally.

Regarding Dan’s biographical details, he was born on March 25, 1985, under the sign of Aries. Although he has kept his relationship a secret, in 2015 he was seen with Amanda, a blue-eyed female who might be his love interest.

How did John and Dan meet each other?

2003 saw the introduction of John and Dan by Dan’s brother, a Nonny classmate. Nonny and Dan collaborated on their musical journey and produced some of the songs because they are both avid musicians.

However, they changed their identity from a music group to a humorous duet, and they have since created several videos.

Are John Nonny And Shaba Dating?

Since they were close friends and frequently posted videos about relationships, Nonny and Shaba were thought to be dating. The general people thought that the two were dating and savored their friendship. The issue of their sexual orientation was also brought up.

They stated that they are not romantically involved but rather consider each other to be brothers. They work together as business partners and appear in all of their videos, including pranks, homemade comedies, and outdoor pun flicks.

To set the tone for 2022, Nonny gave Dan a $20,000 Rolex on January 2nd. He has a practice of providing gifts to those he cares about.

Their amusing schwag may also make you smile as you watch and listen to the couple in podcasts and interviews. The comedians are quick with spontaneous quips during these shows and can easily make the entire audience laugh.

Musician John Nonny

John Nonny is a musician who spends his free time creating music. In addition to working on his individual projects, he collaborated with Dan to produce music. His music and songs are available on a variety of song-specific websites including Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.

He also uploaded his song video to YouTube under the moniker John Nonny. Look Me in My Eyes, When it’s Dark Inside, Clumsy, Walking on the Moon, and more songs are examples of his music.

Nonny Raise To Popularity

Nonny gained worldwide recognition after his video of “Supermarket Puns” went viral. The video was shared on Nonny and Shaba’s combined account, “The Pun Boys.”

They go to the supermarket and create pun videos for their series of “Supermarket Pun” videos.

The Joke Guys

Dan and John Nonny’s joint account, The Pun Guys, is used for business purposes by John Nonny. The pun Guys have a significant fan base across all social media channels. Originally intended for publication of their musical collaboration, it is now featured in their hilarious main video.


On YouTube, the channel has 548k subscribers. They have similarly amassed 874k followers and 9.1M likes on Tiktok. Their Facebook page has 3.8 million likes and billions of views.

The pun duo’s net worth has significantly increased as a result of the substantial revenue they receive from all of their social media.

Social media Presence/ Instagram, Twitter ,Faebook

As a media figure, Nonny is fairly active on social media. He has frequently been viewed on the social networking platform using both his personal and business ids.

His Instagram account, where he has gathered more than 107k followers, goes by the moniker @John nonny. On this forum, he has shared some of his personal life.

Likewise, he tweets his message and ideas on Twitter under the username @the_nonny where he has more than 3k followers. Also, he has 4.6M followers on his Facebook account.