John Olsen Daughter Louise and Jane, Children, Son, Age, Bio, Wiki, Career and wife revealed

John Olsen is a well-known Australian artist noted for his colorful and passionate landscape paintings. People are most interested in his family, particularly John Olsen’s daughter.

John Olsen is a well-known Australian artist who has made significant contributions to the Australian art scene.

Olsen is most closely connected with the “Heide Circle” or “Angry Penguins,” an art style that arose in Melbourne during the 1940s and 1950s.

Olsen’s painting is distinguished by brilliant colors, lyrical brushwork, and a strong connection to the Australian nature. is works combine abstract and figurative elements to capture the soul and energy of the places he depicts.

John Olsen’s works include “Five Bells,” “Sydney Sun,” and “Froggies After Rain.”

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Louise and Jane Olsen, daughters of John Olsen

John Olsen had two children, Louise and Jane, from separate marriages. The eldest child, Jane Olsen, was a talented artist, writer, and collaborator with her father.

She and her father collaborated on projects that combined words and graphics, such as the well-known book The Galapagos Suite.

John Olsen's Daughter Jane
John Olsen and his Daughter Jane, Photo Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Jane died in 2009 as a result of intestinal cancer. Her death severely touched her loved ones, and as an homage to her vivid spirit, John Olsen produced a painting titled As per (Jane’s Garden).

Louise is also an accomplished artist and designer, having co-founded the company Dinosaur Designs with her husband Stephen Ormandy. Louise Olsen was up in an artistic household, seeing her father’s painting process. She followed her own artistic path, eventually branching out into design.

Also she co-founded Dinosaur Designs with Stephen Ormandy, which is noted for its unusual and colorful creations inspired by nature and personal experiences.

While Louise and Jane Olsen were impacted by their father’s artistic history, they also pursued their own creative paths. Their stories demonstrate the powerful impact of art inside a family as a source of inspiration, connection, and healing.

John Olsen’s Children

Jane, Louise, and Tim Olsen are the children of John Olsen’s two marriages. Tim Olsen is the son of John Olsen and Valerie Strong, his second wife.

Although he is a well-known Sydney art dealer and gallery owner, showcasing contemporary Australian and international artists.

John Olsen's Son
Artist John Olsen with his Son Tim and Louise, Photo Source: The Guardians

Tim Olsen is also an author, curator, and philanthropist who works to promote mental health, education, and environmental conservation. Son of the Brush (2020) is a novel he wrote about his father.

Also Louise Olsen is the daughter of John Olsen and Valerie Strong, his second wife. She is a painter, sculptor, and jewelry designer who, with her spouse Stephen Ormandy, co-founded the popular Australian business Dinosaur Designs.

Her art is inspired by nature, color, and organic forms, and it has been shown in Australia and internationally. She’s also worked with fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, and Romance Was Born.

Jane Olsen was the daughter of John Olsen and Mary Flower, his first wife. She was a talented artist and writer with a close relationship with her father.

She was an art educator, curator, and journalist. Also she authored poetry, essays, and books, and she frequently worked on projects that merged words and visuals alongside her father.

Jane, 56, was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 2007 and died two years later.

John Olsen’s Wife Has Been Revealed | How many times did he was married?

John Olsen has been married several times in his life. Mary Flower was his first wife.

However after their marriage dissolved in 1962, he married his second wife, artist Valerie Strong. They had a profound connection since they both loved art. Unfortunately, she died in 2011.

John Olsen's Wife
John Olsen with his Second Wife Valerie, Photo Source: GHBase

Following the dissolution of his marriage to Valerie, Olsen married artist Noela Hjorth for a third time, which lasted until 1986.

Later, in 1989, he married Katharine Howard, his fourth wife, who died in 2016.

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